What Is Yop? (IDNA) Complete Guide Review About Yop.

What Is Yop? (IDNA) Complete Guide Review About Yop.

What Is Yop?

Yop is a yield optimization platform & protocol. All-in-one Optimization application that makes it easy for everyone to access DeFi. Giving you control, custody, insights and flexibility directly in one single application. A high quality UX/UI driven product while staying decentralised. If you would like to know where to buy Yield Optimization Platform & Protocol, the top exchanges for trading in Yield Optimization Platform & Protocol are currently KuCoin, Gate.io, PancakeSwap (V2), Hoo, and AEX. You can find others listed on the crypto exchanges page.

Yop Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameYop
Short NameIDNA
Circulating Supply47,515,171.73 IDNA
Total Supply72,836,817
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Yop Coin easy to use, simple and secure wallet. You control your keys. You control your funds. Supporting ERC20 tokens first and integrating leading networks in V2. Markets connected within the App. Send/receive with simple UX/UI for multiple tokens. Native wallet post V2 with integrated rewards and marketplace. Support developments for interoperability across leading networks.

Smart Market Analysis

Alongside the traditional data feeds, they will show you key token trends, using SMA™ on the Ethereum network. Using multiple data points, they analyse token movements and trends within all wallets. Which wallet is holding what token, when they bought, how long for, prices, exchanges and amounts. As wallets only broadcast publicly available information there is no sensitive data shared.

Yield Farming

Yop Access Farms via. All in one platform. The farming Optimization protocol allows you to participate in the best farms from within the app. Stake your tokens into various farms in one single app. They will plug in the own AMM (Automated Market Maker) AFM (Automated Yield Farmer) and ALP (Automated Liquidity Provider). Just slide and decide on your participation. The YOP Index Pool collects the top YF tokens into one contract. A market index for farming without getting involved in multiple contracts. The LP optimizer allows you to have exposure to multiple liquidity pools to earn fees from a single input. Earning a portion of fees from a wide group of pools.

The Problem

Most yield products and tools are web based. Not just web based, but also restrictive with poor UI/UX/ Mobile apps are limited in capability and buggy. Users are presented with multiple platforms and conflicting offerings. What farm has the best yield? How to use? Which is audited and safe? This is time consuming and inefficient way of participating in the market. Arbitrage opportunities arise for short periods, so speed of comparing data and executing trades is key. This is still done across multiple platforms and web apps. Slow and confusing process. Users are paying high fees in multiple wasted transactions. Lack of aggregation in trade execution and data feeds. Data is not always transparent and requires browsing various sites searching for the best information.

Launchpad Aggregator

Yop Coin Yield Optimization Pad. They will allow customers to access a wide host of decentralised launch protocols. The launchpad aggregator will access IDO smart contracts and allow customers to directly participate from the YOP Platform. There will also be access for $YOP holders to YOP Exclusive pools, giving early access to incubated projects and portions of some aggregated pools.


Yield Optimization PlatformAll-in-one yOptimization platform that makes it easy for everyone to access yield markets. Giving you control, custody, insights and flexibility directly in one single application. The current applications are poor and generally have limited features with one or two core functions. From all the research and testing none come close to a premium user experience. Wallets are too basic and the market data apps have no value added benefits. There are no all-in-one providers.


Yop Optimization ProtocolThe protocol is our proprietary mechanism to allow everyone simplified access to yield markets. Providing dynamic portfolio management with automated IL (impermanent loss) protection, aggregation and reward protocols. YOP is building a leading protocol that builds on the success of decentralized finance protocols. By implementing custom feature sets in the smart contracts they provide more value to the user on the platform and to the token in the network.

Complete Market Data

Direct live feeds from exchanges, block explorers and networks. Providing a clean set of data directly into YOP. Using the protocol they can compile data faster and better than any existing service. Using the power of artificial intelligence they can identify the hottest trends with the SMA software. This gives the YOP user a competitive advantage for yield optimisation.


The Yop Coin token powers the entire ecosystem. They have designed the token economics with that in mind, keeping inflation from treasury very low. With the commitment to the project, the team tokens are vested over 2 years. Starting with a low cap they are dedicated to growing YOP in a sustainable way.