What Is YFTether (YFTE)?

What Is YFTether (YFTE)? Complete Guide Review About YFTether.

What Is YFTether (YFTE)?

For on-demand liquidity in a fully decentralized environment, YFTether use an Automated Market Maker model. As explained in Automated Market Maker (AMM), there is no traditional order book, instead, the power of decentralized liquidity pools are utilized. Users can provide liquidity and in doing so automatically receive 0.35% of the trading fees collected by the pool, in proportion to their share of the pool. Allowing for truly open and trust-less decentralized finance, on one of the few ecosystems constantly innovating with new technology.

YFTether Allowing users to earn a passive income on their crypto, as well as the possibility to earn additional rewards in certain pools utilizing the unique Infinity Rewards Protocol. Any user can add liquidity, to either an existing pool or a new pool created by the user from any 2 desired tokens. The same applies to creating a rewards pool, which has been developed to allow any tokens team or user to create a rewards pool.

YFTether Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameYFTether
Short NameYFTE
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Fully decentralized finance platform

As a fully decentralized finance platform, users can connect their wallets with Infinity Crypto to interact directly with the Infinity Protocols. Once connected a user can easily provide liquidity for passive earning, instantly trade their crypto assets, earn through staking or referral incentives, monitor their portfolio, stats and other data or utilize the Infinity Bridge, as well as many other features and services. Some of the features of Infinity Crypto and the overall structure are depicted in the following diagram.

Features & Notable Advancements

YFTether Crypto is a one-stop decentralized finance platform, providing everyone with the opportunity for financial freedom empowering everyday people globally via a complete solution of decentralized services. Bringing a wide range of improvements to the DeFi & DEX experience, utilizing the Infinity Protocol.

Below you will find some of the current features and notable advancements of Infinity Crypto. Additionally they have many future developments planned in the roadmap, to bring further cutting edge advancements to not only the Infinity ecosystem, but the entire DeFi space.

Sublime Usability

Designed to be easy to use for beginners and advanced users alike. The entire platform has been hand-crafted to a premium quality standard to ensure the any user, irrespective of their level of experience, can utilize DeFi as easily as centralized finance. Promoting mass global DeFi adoption, with new and innovative features.

Advanced Decentralized and Non-Custodial Trading

YFTether Providing both a simple interface for easy one-click swapping between any token, as well as an advanced trading interface to provide all the analytics and tools traders need. Trade directly from your wallet on the blockchain for maximum security and convenience.

Decentralized Liquidity Providing

YFTether allows any user to provide liquidity and earn a passive income while holding their tokens securely within their own wallet. By providing liquidity, a user can gain a percentage of the volume of every swap between the tokens they provide, in a fully automated and decentralized system. Users can easily add or remove a single token or multiple into a pool, further advancing liquidity pool technology.

Staking & Farming

YFTether Users can farm by staking liquidity pool tokens or Shard, to earn bonus rewards in Shard or other tokens distributed to the pool. As an example, on staking BNB-SHARD liquidity in a staking farm, a user would receive the standard liquidity provider fee share from every trade, as well as additional Shard rewards!

Infinity Bridge

YFTether Bridge aims to enhance the accessibility of off-chain assets such as Bitcoin, by making the process of interacting with them on Infinity Crypto as simple as depositing and withdrawing from a centralized exchange. Providing easy access to bridge your digital assets to or from the Ethereum and BSC chains as ERC-20 or BEP-20 tokens, allowing for interaction to trade and provide liquidity.