What Is Yetubit? (YETU) Complete Guide Review About Yetubit.

What Is Yetubit? (YETU) Complete Guide Review About Yetubit.

What Is Yetubit(NELO)?

Yetubit Coin is a Pan-African decentralized exchange based on the Binance Smart Chain. It uses automated market-making (AMM), which allows assets to be traded in a permissionless and automated way by using liquidity pools than a traditional market of buyers and sellers. In the liquidity pools, liquidity providers add funds to the available pools.

YetuSwap has its own governance asset, the YETU token, which users can use to vote on different platform proposals and protocol changes. YetuSwap also plan to incentivize the liquidity providers with yield farming. Yetucoin is the governance token of the decentralized exchange Yetuswap, built on the Binance Smart Chain network. Yetucoin is a BEP-20 Standard token.

Yetubit Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameYetubit Coin
Short NameNELO
Circulating Supply
Total Supply5,000,000,000
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YIELD FARMING / Liquidity mining

Yield farming is the practice of staking or lending crypto assets in order to generate high returns or rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency. This innovative and volatile application of decentralized finance (DeFi) has skyrocketed in popularity recently thanks to further innovations like liquidity mining. Yield farming is currently the biggest growth driver of the still-nascent DeFi sector, helping it to balloon from a market cap of $500 million to more than $10 billion in 2020.


The value alert module has been specially designed for users who like to track currency values or trade. With this tool, the user will be able to follow the market dynamically, without the need to install multiple applications.
• Monitoring of various currencies;
• Multiple alarms with triggers in values or percentages;
• Notifications in the Android / iOS notification bar;


YetuSwap is a decentralized exchange protocol that works without an order book. Instead of an order book, Yetuswap uses a model called Automated Market-Making (AMM), in which liquidity providers add funds to liquidity pools. Despite being an exchange with Pan-African design, anyone regardless of origin can be part of the protocol. In addition, holders of the Yetucoin token will be able to use it within the decentralized exchange to increase their earnings in the form of liquidity mining / yield farming.


Another feature of the centralized exchange is the management of several cryptocurrencies, leaving the user with full control in choosing the currencies they are interested in storing, all of this in a secure manner, allowing full control over their assets.

Decentralized Exchange

YetuSwap is a decentralized (DEX) automated market making (AMM) exchange currently on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. They are a community-managed project that is governed by the community’s vote for all major protocol changes. Day-to-day operations, rebalancing of pools and ratios, business strategy and general development are decided by Yetubit Exchange.

In the first instance, for regulatory reasons, they will launch the Decentralized Exchange where there will be no direct involvement with fiat currencies, that is, all transactions will be crypto-to-crypto through BEP-20 Tokens.


The transactions carried out are not limited to financial transactions, which are commonly carried out in crypto currencies. The Binance Smart Chain network allows the registration of any information in digital format. With blockchain, it is also possible to distribute digital information without it being copied, in order to prevent fraud. This technology was initially conceived by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto for the digital currency Bitcoin.

However, with its advancement, it has been used in several other branches, such as tourism, hospital, financial entities, utomobile industries, and others, with great potential for the technological community. As with other crypto currencies, the transaction log is built and stored in a series of blocks, called blockchain or trust protocol.

Liquidity pools

Liquidity pools, in essence, are pools of tokens that are locked in a smart contract. They are used to facilitate trading by providing liquidity and are extensively used by some decentralized exchanges. One of the first projects that introduced liquidity pools was Bancor, but they became widely popularised by Uniswap. Liquidity pools are one of the foundational technologies behind the current DeFi ecosystem.

They are an essential part of automated market makers (AMM), borrowlend protocols, yield farming, synthetic assets, on-chain insurance, blockchain gaming – the list goes on. We will have a liquidity pool section on YetuSwap for those who want to provide.


The token sales process will be divided into five phases, one for Pre-ICO and another for 4 ICOs stages. As soon as all Pre-ICO units are purchased for $ 0.04 in BNB, the value of the tokens will automatically change to $ 0.08 for the next 20,000,000 units, and so on until it reaches $ 0.8 in the last stage. If the ICO does not reach the maximum funding required, the remaining balance of the tokens will be burned. There will be no minimum investment amount.