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What Is Yearnlab(YLB) ? Complete Guide Review About Yearnlab

What Is Yearnlab(YLB) ?

Yearnlab is a multi-chain yield optimization ecosystem constructed on Binance smart chain (bsc). It is a decentralized cross-chain protocol to manage your digital funds effectively across multiple blockchains. This uses your existing digital funds to generate more digital funds. Its effective strategies allow you to increase your funds five folds. Decentralized networks are

Yearnlab permission less and trustless platforms, where you do not need an intermediary to perform your transactions. This deviation from the centralized financial system makes it much easier and efficient for users to earn money by using money. Decentralized networks like provide a handful of opportunities, including smart investment strategies, automated marketing strategies, and other opportunities available in the decentralization finance world. This saves investors plenty of time as compared to doing it manually.

Yearnlab has tried to maintain its distinguished reputation in the market by simply introducing advancements in the most basic offerings of yield farms, that is, decentralized energy exchanges, staking, and governance. This was mainly done to facilitate users. Among other benefits that Yearnlab aims to offer its user base, are high-security smart contracts, Cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol, Multi-chain staking as a service, creation of native tokens, and asset farming on multi-chain, and larger base of native currency Binance coin users (BNB), lower transaction fees, and an efficient platform to entertain a large number of users at a time.

Yearnlab (YLB) Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameYearnlab
Short NameYLB
Circulating SuppllyN/A
Max Supply100,000,000
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How To Buy Safely ?

1 – Create MetaMask wallet

Yearnlab Create a MetaMask Wallet using a phone or desktop computer. This will allow you to buy, sell and send $YLB tokens.

2 – Send BNB to your wallet

You can buy Binance Coin (BNB) on centralized exchanges such as Binance. Make sure to use the BSC network when transfering BNB.

3 – Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap

Yearnlab Use the PancakeSwap exchange by connecting your MetaMask wallet to the site by clicking the ‘Connect’ button.

4 – Swap BNB for YLB

Yearnlab You can start swapping your BNB as soon as the transaction is complete! Enter the token address of YLB in PancakeSwap to swap.

How does Yearnlab work?

Yearnlab is a multi-chain yield optimizer ecosystem that enables its users to earn rewards on their crypto holdings. It maximized user rewards through a set of investment strategies secured by a smart contract. Yearnlab’s main product is a “Vault” that inserts crypto tokens. The investment strategy linked to each vault will automatically increase the number of deposited tokens by adding interest to the assets originally deposited, with farm reward tokens of any income. Despite the name “Vault”, funds are never locked in Yearnlab Vault. You can withdraw at any time

Frictionless Yield, Meet Deflation

Yearnlab The true hyperdeflationary algorithm and liquidity generation protocol is both deflationary and frictionless, which allows for persistent currency advancement and strong adoption stability.

5% of every transaction is locked as liquidity in the liquidity pool, creating an ever rising price floor. Tokens deposited into the liquidity pool will embrace full automation with guaranteed high utilization efficiencies that allow effortlessness accessibility through centralized exchanges

Whats the percentage of APY that Yearnlab is offering?

Yearnlab APY is an abbreviation for annual percentage yield, that is offered as a compensation for a particular investment. Larger APY can be expected if the yield on your investment is 1% or more. However, Yearnlab offer you APY of 150,384.84% to compensate you for providing liquidity in the liquidity pools.

Is there any presale YLB has plan for early investors?

Investors will soon be able to participate in the presale over the ILO launchpad, which will occur in the form of an Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO). The $YLB team looks forward to seeing all interested participants at the presale. Further detail will be available soon.!


Yearnlab Staking allows liquidity providers to generate returns by locking their funds into the staking pool. This phenomenon allows users to use unused funds. The essence of staking lies in its ability to generate returns through uncertain market movements. Uncertainty is an integral part of financial markets, but staking can help overcome this problem. Yearnlab allows you to use tokens from other cryptocurrencies or newly generated tokens with their described names. These tokens are then supported by Yearnlab.

Utility Token

Yearnlab The utility token for Yearnlab is $YLB. A native token for the Yearnlab platform serving as a currency throughout. All payments and rewards on the platform are in the form of $YLB. Another exciting feature about $YLB is that it will back any new tokens created on the platform to empower binance smart chain ecosystem and strengthen the YLB community.