What Is Ydragon? (YDR) Complete Guide Review About Ydragon.

What Is Ydragon? (YDR) Complete Guide Review About Ydragon.

What Is Ydragon?

YDragon is an ecosystem of financial products aimed at risk reduction and yield optimization, all the while leveraging the composability of decentralized finance. Its product offering includes first and foremost a spectrum of indexes spread across various blockchains whose assets are locked into hand-picked yield farming protocols. Users investing in the indexes are thereby investing in a selection of assets, with the option of further investing in a basket of yield farming protocols tied to that index.

At YDragon they are committed to solving the problems of DeFi. As investors ourselves, they understand how costly and difficult the DeFi space can be to navigate and to create a diversified portfolio with an effective risk strategy. With that in mind, we decided to create indexes that can give investors the opportunity to own index tokens that offer cross-chain yield generation, auto-rebalancing and a simplified way to passively manage your funds.

To further develop the ecosystem and to give more control to the investors they created the YDR token. YDR will act as the governance token that would allows you to vote on the composition of indexes, thus allowing you to be actively involved in the future success of YDragon.

YDragon Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name YDragon
Short NameYDR
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The YDragon protocol allows you to invest in indexes from various blockchains.

Yield Generation

YDragon Coin Lock your funds in one of the index tokens and stake it to automatically receive passive income.

Risk Diversification

The indexes split the risk into the top performing and most promising tokens.

Utility & Governance

Stake your YDR tokens to receive passive income and have your say by voting on the future of YDragon indexes and strategies.


High Cost

Multiple high cost fees to own assets

Time consuming

Building a diversified portfolio requires many transactions to create

Complex portfolio managemen

tUsers need to move across chains to buy assets, making it difficult to monitor your portfolio

Technically difficult

YDragon DeFI is complicated to navigate, understand, and is not user friendly

High risk

High volatility owning individual assetsWITH YDRAGON\

Reduced costs

One-time investment to own a diversified portfolio

Time saving

Less transactions needed to build your portfolio

Simplified portfolio management

YDragon Coin Indexes are cross chain and held in one place for ease of tracking

Easy to use

Simple and easy to use platform

Risk Diversification

Basket of funds improves risk strategy

YDR Token

The YDragon Core is a platform offering you a range of opportunities to own a diverse selection of the best performing and most promising cryptocurrencies with a single token. Within this selection there will be one ever-present token; YDR. YDR is central to the vision and will become central to yours, due to its utility and governance characteristics. As an investor, you will always hold YDR, which means you will hold the power to influence future decisions on YDragon indexes and their assets.

The YDragon Vision 

As part of the team’s vision to make the DeFi market accessible to all, this platform reduces costs by offering traders and investors a “one-time” investment to own a portfolio. Introducing cross-chain indexes, will make portfolio management as sleek as possible, as stated by the development team. All of your crypto assets would be held in one place for easy tracking and proper management, a unique feature in the DeFi space. 

YDragon Coin As an added benefit, they will simplify access to the DeFi market. Currently, getting into the decentralized finance market via the existing protocols is a gruelling task. Through a series of innovative ideas, this platform will create an easy-to-navigate ecosystem for users trying to get into the booming market which as reported by DeFi Pulse, has over $50 billion in TVL [total value locked].