Xsure.io Ico Review – The Build Tech Savvy Teams In The Hottest Technologies.

Xsure.io Ico Review – Build Teams In The Hottest Technologies.

About Xsure.io

Xsure.io is a decentralized risk management platform that facilitates real-time communication between insurance providers and the end customer. With the help of machine learning and blockchain trust-less governance technologies they have managed to eliminate third parties from the whole insurance life-cycle and turn it into a dynamic process instead of a static one.

Xsure Ico LTD is a top software development company with offices in the UK, Romania and the USA. they offer full-stack digital solutions for teams or businesses through outsourcing services in Romania. With a +12 years of experience, they provide cost-effective software development services at high standards for enterprise.

Token Basic Information

Token NameXSR
Token TypeERC-20
Total Supply2,000,000,000 TOCO
Whitelist/KYC:Whitelist + KYC
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Hhttps://xsure.io/ere For Visit ICO Homepage


Powerful PHP based web applications

Xsure.io Here at you can hire PHP developers to create scalable apps at the most affordable prices.   Following a wide range of industries, the PHP solutions are compatible with all types of requests delivering work compatible the latest version of the PHP.  they are invite you to choose your team from the available dedicated engineers, who will build solid PHP products that will keep growing at all times.

They are deeply rooted in technology

From product development to digital transformation, our mission is to bring technology closer to the business sector by enabling access for worldwide industries to talented developers.
they are built a community of technology experts across UK, Romania and USA, who combine creativity and expertise to deliver high standard IT solutions.


Digital Transformation

Xsure Ico Hire digital transformation services from and bring your business to a digital forefront. they are have +12 years experience in providing cost-effective, high-quality and technology-driven digital transformation services that scale up businesses across the globe.

Effective delivery management

The support your business with a personalized delivery management plan, always monitoring with the dedicated Quality Assurance Engineers the quality of the delivered products. Get in touch with and build your scale up solution.

Talent pool access

Xsure.io hire the right developers team with the help of highly knowledgeable managers. Regardless of your team augmentation needs, you can choose from the +35 in-house developers. Contact us know and get the right team for your business.

Excellent Infrastructure

When you hire development team, you benefit from a quick start and a well-equipped infrastructure with advanced IT tools and systems. they are manage it all, from contracts to team setup, employee retention, payroll operations and logistics.

Dedicated team

Xsure Ico With an average of 3+ years experience, dedicated development teams offer you the solution for a wide array of industry verticals, regardless of the application development requirements your business needs.


Vie is a progressive framework for building user interfaces, designed to be incrementally adoptable, which makes this tech attractive for both engineers and  business visionaries. Your business key advantage will be the dedicated team of developers. they are developers are ready to handle every phase of the software development process, using the best of . Hire Viejas developers


Xsure.io Bootstrap is an open source framework that helps web designers to create interface components very easily. It helps websites and applications to scale with a single code base and offers CSS and HTML based design templates for forms, buttons, typography, navigation etc. even though there are many alternatives to Bootstrap, this front-end framework remains a solid choice for handling accessibility of various web applications.

Software development services

Xsure Ico expert developers build highly secure and scalable applications, tailored with care to counter your complex business challenges with ease. the cost-effective application development services are available for all kinds of business.