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xhosting Web Hosting Review: They offer the creation of quality websites that will be presented.

About xhosting

xhosting offers professional Croatian web hosting at affordable prices of top quality. Your servers are located in Europe and provide high speeds and fast loading of your web pages. Your servers are connected to the Internet with optical cables and powered by the latest technology, providing greater stability and security. In order to create an application, you need to follow the instructions stated below: Select the exchange direction (for example: in the ‘Give’ column choose Banker, in the ‘Receive’ column choose Payeer and specify the amount you want to exchange or receive.

Fill in the ‘Data entry’ column, specify your e-mail, the wallet number (card or account) which you want to transfer money from, the wallet number (card or account) which you want to receive money and tick in ‘I am agree with Rules of exchange’. xhosting the ‘Exchange now’ button, and then in the pop-up window you will be able to see X3Swap requisite elements for the transfer. In the case of banks, on the first exchange the system will ask you to verify the card that you want to use to perform the transfer. For each new card it will be necessary just for once.

Some Quick Facts xhosting Web Hosting

xhostingBasic Details
Hosting Namexhosting
Price20.00per month
Call Support+385 1 7899 620
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


xhosting Price

Move your sites to xHosting

If you decide to move your existing website to xhosting but you don’t know how? Do not worry! They will do the complete process of moving your websites, e-mails and other things for you.

  • They will move your sites quickly and professionally.
  • They will provide you with customer and technical support from 0 – 24 hours.
  • Everything that you paid to the competition, they will give you for free for one year.
  • They guarantee lower prices than your current hosting provider.

Automatically Registered

Copy xhosting details and click the ‘Go to payment’ button, after which you will open the Bank’s or PS’s website. Insert the amount indicated in the application and your requisite elements, confirm the transfer. Do not fail to to make sure that the amount has been written down. Next, return to your website and confirm the payment by clicking on the ‘I paid’ button. Done.

After the application is created, you will receive information on your application status through e-mail, and you will be automatically registered on your service. In order to confirm the registration, you will need to follow the link specified in the e-mail. After confirming the registration, you will be able to track the application status in your MA (My Account), as well as participate in the referral program and receive discounts.

How long does it take to process an application?

The exchange is performed by an operator in manual mode and takes from 5 up to 20 minutes after the payment on application is received, it depends on the workload of xhosting operators. In the case of Yandex. Money, the first application for an exchange in the direction of Yandex. Money will be blocked for the period of 48 hours for security purposes, once this period expires the application will be processed within 5-20 minutes.

Further applications in this direction will be processed according to X3Swap regulations. There also may be rare cases with the Perfect Money payment system, when the Perfect Money system itself blocks the transfer for the purpose of verification. On average, the wait may last from 1 up to 6 hours, but it may also be a longer-term wait.

What is a confirmation from the Bitcoin network?

Usually the new Bitcoin owner can not immediately dispose of them. Once the transaction is completed, it is sent to the Bitcoin network for execution and must be included in the block to become legitimate. The process of transaction inclusion in a detect block structure is called a transaction confirmation. Inclusion in 1 block = 1 confirmation, when there are 6 and more of such acknowledgments the transaction is considered confirmed. This function was introduced against the re-expenditure of the same bitcoins. There is a requirement of 2 confirmations from the Bitcoin network on xhosting service, only after that your application will be processed.

The crypto-currency rate calculator

Exchange Service offers the most rapid and convenient exchange of crypto-currency. You may use the online currency converter, which allows you to find out the market value of digital money in rubles, dollars and other currencies. The crypto-currency calculator and converter not only allows to calculate the necessary sum for an exchange. You can immediately purchase or sell digital currency through your service. The Bitcoin calculator uses the current crypto-currency exchange market rate. Thus, xhosting customers receive the best conditions for their exchange.

The crypto-currency calculator will also allow you to calculate how much Reuther, Dash or Lite coin crypts-currency units you can purchase. Exchange services are available to customers of both major Russian banks and electronic payment systems. xhosting accept and deposit payments to bank cards. All exchange operations are carried out rapidly and securely. Service commission is minimal. The online crypt converter is the best way to prepare for an exchange and save your money. If you are going to sell bitcoins, Ethereum, Dash or Lite-coin, you cannot do without such an option as crypto-currency converter.

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