What Is XenophonDAO (XPH)? Is It Is Good Or Bad ? 2022 Review

What Is XenophonDAO (XPH)?

Contrary to the centralized financial system, for example, the U.S. dollar relies on the powerful Federal Reserve. XenophonDAO All assets linked to the U.S. dollar will be affected by changes in the U.S. dollar’s ​​price. XPH does not rely on any artificial or centralized institutions. It will be linked to the decentralized token BUSD, and establish a treasury, and will gradually transition to decentralized assets such as ETH and BTC, eventually forming a fully decentralized global asset reserve.

Xenophon’s goal is to establish a currency system that is not controlled by policies, specifically through DAO’s highest degree of control over the operation and market performance of XPH tokens. In the long run, they have reason to believe that this currency system can be used to improve the stability of currency prices and optimize the consistency of prices, so that XPH tokens become a universal unit of account and a medium of exchange for user asset values.

In the short term, XenophonDAO intend to continuously optimize the system to achieve user growth while creating long-term wealth value for users. In the end, the value of XPH will depend on the huge decentralized financial market demand, which may be 1 BUSD or 100 BUSD. Xenophon is built by the community and DAO, there is no factor that can control it, and it will not change by the US dollar or other country’s fiat currency due to policies and other factors.

XenophonDAO Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameXenophonDAO
Short NameXPH
Circulating Supply35,380.86 XPH
Total Supply35,381
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Initial Network State

XenophonDAO initial goal was not to find a stable price. This may seem contrary to your monetary aspirations, but they assure you that this is not the case. Xenophon can be adjusted to optimize for different factors of things. The main trade-off is the consistency of volatility and profitability with stability. Volatility and profitability lead to growth; that’s what want early on.

Xenophon should continue to work well as a stable asset in a policy and size tightening scenario. Upside and downside pressures should stabilize at some non-intrinsic value. With loose policies, Xenophon has the potential to become a decentralized machine for wealth creation, regardless of size. The market premium of the token measures the positive sum of the game; all extrinsic value will be the new wealth created.

Alpha State

The original network has one-way vault (money in, no money out), tied contracts (through which supply is increased and profits generated) and collateral contracts (in which profits are distributed). BCV changes based on the variety of bonds. The policy team periodically adjusts this to meet the Protocol’s objectives. For example, if the Protocol wants to accumulate more liquidity into its treasury, it can reduce the BCV of liquid bonds to increase its bond capacity, to see the BCV targets for different bond types.

Market Dynamics

XenophonDAO The default state of the network is the intrinsic value. After a period of inactivity, prices will always return to this level. It is conceivable that the contraction would be triggered by a short-term liquidity crisis only. Since XPH holders are guaranteed that the price will eventually return to above intrinsic value, the only sellers below should be those who need a short-term exit and are willing to take additional losses. Before adding a stake, users usually buy XPH from the market.

This raises the price, which allows the agreement to be sold at a higher price and increases the revenue for the equity holders. This should help bring in more stakeholders and continue the cycle.At the same time, the increasing price adds the bond discount and creates room for new bonds. Before these there was new liquidity, which improved the ability of the Protocol to make sales and increased the liquidity of Xenophon.


The treasury is the most important asset pool in the XenophonDAO Protocol and is used to support every XPH in circulation in the market. When the price of XPH falls below 1 BUSD, the treasury will be recycled and destroyed, mainly by selling bonds to accumulate them, and later they may add other methods that will consist of stable and non-stable coins.


The Treasury smart contract will be protected by 3/5 multiple signatures. This means that any transaction for the Treasury must be approved by at least 3 signatories, of which they have a total of 5. Thus, the operational security of your treasury assets is protected from rogue behavior by a single actor, as a quorum of 3 is required to authorize any transaction, such as moving funds in and out.