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What Is Xdef Finance (XDEF2)? Complete Guide Review About Xdef Finance.

What Is Xdef Finance (XDEF2)?

If there becomes a point where VAI or another synthetic stable coin loses its peg value, the protocol can use the Governance process to initiate the Price Adjustment Module. This module will enable the change of parameters within the stable coin system on Xdef Finance to dis-attach the peg and create a change in supply and demand to bring the stability back to its original peg. This system will enable two main points.

A benefit to hold/buy a synthetic stable coin, or mint/borrow a synthetic stable coin. This is determined whether the price peg has become negative or positive due to external market conditions. Users who have the protocols native tokens can create proposals to change specific parameters of the synthetic stable coins on the platform by utilizing the on-chain Governance system. These parameters are set up from a protocol-risk perspective to protect the interest of the users and the platform.

Xdef Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameXdef Finance
Short NameXDEF2
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply17,000,000
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A Synthetic Instrument

Synthetic is the term given to financial instruments that are engineered to simulate other instruments while altering key characteristics. Often synthetics will offer investors tailored cash flow patterns, maturities, risk profiles and so on. Synthetic products are structured to suit the needs of the investor. There are no founder, team, or developer allocations, and the XVS can only be earned through the Binance Launch Pool project or through providing liquidity to the

Rebases Seeking Equilibrium

A price-elastic token is one where the project’s total token supply is not fixed, but instead automatically adjusts on a routine basis. These token supply adjustments are called rebases. When Xdef Finance price is greater than the Total Value Locked in DEFI 0.1^11), more XDEF will be minted.- When XDEF price is lesser than the Total Value Locked in DEFI 0.1^11), the XDEF in everyone’s wallets will be reduced Positive Rebase creates new supply, decreasing scarcity and driving price down its target.

Instrument for Traders and Institutions

The world’s first tokenized derivative of its kind (Traders & Institutions can speculate an untouched assets). An Elastic synthetic index fund like instrument of Defi TVL (Acting as per the underlying assets.)An effective trading pair and transfer of value. Easy and simple one token access to all of the Defi Coins. 21% Xdef tokens reserved for future ecosystem objectives like partnerships, marketing, exchange listings, etc.

10% Xdef tokens allocated for the first of its kind liquidity staking rewards program: Geyser, This is a “launchpad” allocation. In the future, the Geyser replenishes itself at every re-base, making it a uniquely self-sustaining liquidity staking program. The distribution of XVS is based on liquidity mining, where 35% of the daily rewards get distributed to borrowers, 35% to suppliers, and 30% for stable coin minters.

Initial Liquidity

Xdef Finance allocated for the Xdef Protocol Foundation; current team members and future hires. Team tokens are locked then released in tranches to demonstrate long-term commitment. Xdef tokens reserved for the Xdef Protocol advisory board. These tokens are vested to demonstrate long-term commitment. Eric has a deep passion for social finance. He has been building communities that help good projects grow and become big players for the last 3 years.

Stable coin Redemption

Synthetic stable coins on the Xdef Finance are created by supplying and locking a single or basket of cryptocurrencies. Users can redeem vUSD for other assets by trading with them in the Swipe Wallet platform. vUSD is exchange-able to all supporting assets, including USD, which can be redeemed directly to your bank account for verified users. The protocol has been designed as a fork code base of MakerDAO and Compound and modified to enable both features into one.