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What Is Xaviera Techno Solutions (XTS)? Complete Guide Review About Xaviera Techno Solutions.

What Is Xaviera Techno Solutions (XTS)?

It has been almost 8 years, when Your web solutions started with a small team. In 2010, they named ourselves as ‘Xaviera Techno SolutionsTechno Solutions’ – Your imagination, Your creation. Enlightened with your epic rate of success and huge inflow of fresh projects, they decided to grow your team. Today, a team of highly experienced and versatile 20+ Creative Designers, 15+ Developers and 15+ Data Entry Operators work together to deliver you highly refined and splendid web service solutions. Approach, let know about your imaginations and aspirations, and they will help you effectuate them into a reality, almost instantaneously.

Xaviera Techno Solutions Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameXaviera Techno Solutions
Short NameXTS
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply75,000,000
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Smart Contract

Smart Contracts is a Blockchain service which enables designing, development, auditing and optimization of smart self-executing codes for business contracts so as to automate the work flow. Xaviera Techno Solutions thoroughly undergo an exhaustive research session before they actually start your work. This research is crucial as they understand that they need to beat your competitors through your out of the box and never like before ideas.

Private Blockchain

Developing permission private Blockchain applications where the members are allowed to be a part only after an invitation or offer from the network initiator. Not only do they use the latest web tools and software to provide you superior web solutions, but they also give you that magical golden touche of Xaviera Techno Solutions indigenous creativity to your project – such that your work remains idiosyncratic, forever!

Supply Chain Blockchain

Supply chain Blockchain allows a shared access to all the parties within the chain. This significantly improves traceability and transparency and reduces infrastructural & administrative costs. No, KDAO is not a stable coin. Rather, KDAO aspires to become an algorithmic reserve currency backed by other decentralized assets. Similar to the idea of the gold standard, KDAO provides free floating value its users can always fall back on, simply because of the fractional treasury reserves KARMA draws its intrinsic value from.


Developing Cryptocurrency exchanges based on their own token development. The crypto-coin or Token is developed using secure programming algorithms providing a reliable crypto exchange. As said earlier, they use the state of the art tools and techniques to give a thorough shape to your dream project. They provide you with an array of samples to choose from – so probably, you may find it difficult to select your ‘dream’ sample from the rest.


Pair an open source Blockchain with collaborative tools using smart contracts to be used globally across any industry or enterprise.

Blockchain Consulting

Strategic planning and advice over Blockchain application development, R&D, management, financial constraints and providing adept training.

Why do Xaviera Techno Solutions need Karma DAO in the first place?

Dollar-pegged stable coins have become an essential part of crypto due to their lack of volatility as compared to tokens such as Bitcoin and Ether. Users are comfortable with transacting using stable coins knowing that they hold the same amount of purchasing power today vs. tomorrow. But this is a fallacy. The dollar is controlled by the US government and the Federal Reserve. This means a depreciation of the dollar also means a depreciation of these stablecoins.

Xaviera Techno Solutions aims to solve this by creating a free-floating reserve currency, that is backed by a basket of assets. By focusing on supply growth rather than price appreciation, Karma hopes that KDAO can function as a currency that is able to hold its purchasing power regardless of market volatility.

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