Wrapped DucatusX

What Is Wrapped DucatusX(WDUCX)? Complete Guide Review About Wrapped DucatusX.

What Is Wrapped DucatusX(WDUCX)?

Since its inception, blockchain has been regarded as a disruptive technology that is built by and for the techie. Most blockchains are designed by high-level technical specialists and geeks, and their scope of usage is often restricted to performing high-risk exchange transactions or even making shadow transactions. Wrapped DucatusX was created to be the opposite. A user-oriented blockchain that is open and inclusive, it allows everyday people to benefit from technology that makes payments for daily purchases faster and more secure. It offers transparency and accessibility.

From buying coffee to leasing community-supported projects that bring passive income or having an honest record of one’s own ideas and projects, Ducatus is designed for usability. This vision is realized in Wrapped DucatusX technology. On the technological basis of existing blockchain projects, your task is to implement a fast blockchain with low fees, a clear interface, friendly enough for users to be able to control, support, make decisions on the development of the project and take part in the life of the project.

Wrapped DucatusX Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWrapped DucatusX
Short NameWDUCX
Circulating Supply777.87 WDUCX
Total Supply40,588,481
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Crypto market state

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming mainstream. The capitalization of the first two currencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum – is already surpassing $1 Trillion. PayPal and Tesla have begun to accept cryptocurrency as payment, real estate transactions involving cryptocurrency have been made, and many investment funds now include Bitcoin and Ether in their portfolios.

The Wrapped DucatusX community is already global. Present in 180 countries, its biggest communities are presently in Vietnam, Italy, Germany, and the Middle East and continue to grow. Thousands of transactions are made on the network every day, your mobile wallet APP has been installed more than 10,000 times already.


Wrapped DucatusX Bitcoin’s development faced several challenges but the issue which took the longest to solve, and is still ongoing, was how to build acceptance and trust among a significant global user base. Without user acceptance, there are fewer users of the coins and thus lower demand which in turn slows the rate at which the coin penetrates the global market. A company goal is to achieve the same level of market penetration as Bitcoin within a much shorter period and to facilitate this they are establishing the Ducatus Cashless Economy.

The Ducatus Cashless Economy

What started as a way to disrupt financial payment transactions has crystallized into an integrated, sustainable digital framework lending itself to Wrapped DucatusX vision of a cashless economy. The Ducatus Coin, designed for usability, is the financial glue to your digital cashless landscape, the backbone to growth and sustainability. A coins long-term goal is to be the world’s most usable cryptocurrency. Beyond that, they are advocates of the new digital economy. Through your affiliate businesses, this offer users the opportunity to buy, sell, earn and benefit from the use of digital money in their everyday lives.

Technical Architecture

At Wrapped DucatusX use industry-standard cryptographic algorithms and blockchain technology to provide a secure and reliable experience. When creating a new cryptocurrency, the industry best practice is to create a “fork” in an existing coin. A fork is a variation to a body of code that renders it distinct from previous versions. This allows to include all the best features of the cryptocurrency while making modifications to areas that may have issues or weaknesses.
The cryptocurrency that they have chosen to fork Ducatus from is Litecoin.

Litecoin itself is a fork of Bitcoin that has been modified to make it easier for developers to create their own cryptocurrencies. Litecoin uses a cryptographic algorithm called “scrypt” that Wrapped DucatusX feel will better meet the needs of Ducatus members and has coin network parameters that enable faster transaction processing. They have forked the source code of open-source Litecoin mining and wallet software and modified the parameters of the network to create a new coin, your Ducatus coin.