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What Is WormFi (WORM)? Complete Guide Review About WormFi.

What Is WormFi (WORM)?

WORM is a deflationary token powering the WormFi decentralized gaming platform and exchange providing users a provably fair experience while ensuring massive rewards. Users may attempt to seize the prize funds on WormBust or the Worm Lotto. The prize fund (bankroll) is used to pay winners of WormBust. Holders may earn a share of protocol revenue by staking their WORM/BNB LP tokens on the WormFarm (coming soon).

WormFi This is building a platform that enables the creation of many decentralized marketplaces, allowing buyers and sellers to connect and transact directly on the blockchain. The company is building a set of protocols, developer libraries, and a decentralized application using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS, with an initial focus on disrupting sharing economy marketplaces.

WormFi Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWormFi
Short NameWORM
Circulating Supply1.00B WORM
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Game Theory

WormFi is a game that allows players to win nearly every time (besides 1x crash which happens 1 out of 10 rounds). But, there are implications for every move. The users who win the biggest are those who delayed gratification longest, but don’t wait too long. Seeing the impact global communities had in 2021 (such as Reddit’s notorious r/WallStBets sub reddit), EBCC has identified an opportunity to bring together like-minded crypto enthusiasts to leave your mark in crypto and on the world.

There are multiple channels for token destruction. As mentioned earlier, a small part of advertising revenue will be permanently destroyed, and other destruction channels will be gradually added during the operation of the platform. The more active the platform is, the faster the 0xzx token will be destroyed. Paid private group is a way to realize the knowledge and influence of opinion leaders, and the payment of private group is realized through 0xzx.

RTP Settings

These are the return-to-player settings for WormFi. Instead of using a system that ignores or disregards input from members of the organization, DAO ensures that all votes are counted and presented to everyone. The settings are based on 1 million rounds (there are outliers when users win big). For $100 of value wagered, the protocol should profit $23. Proposals and votes help DAO members collectively decide on all types of actions.


Designed with long term value creation in mind, WORM tokenomics set the community up for success. There is a 0% tax on buys and a 10% tax on sells. The 10% sell tax is explained below.

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)
  • 10% sell tax
  • 3% to WORM/WBNB liquidity pool
  • 4% sent as BNB to development wallet

How to Trade on WormDex

First, connect your wallet. Then, choose your token input and token output options from the token list and press “Start Swapping”. The button will be blue until you connect a wallet. The EBCC Vision Accelerate the adoption, development, and growth of the BSC ecosystem. The EBCC Mission Establish ELON BUYS COKE COLA as BSC’s ambassador by pushing the limits of what’s possible for a Web 3.0 community. The WormFi Strategy Provide market participants with the knowledge, resources, and community to better navigate BSC, crypto, and life.

Liquidity Pool & Adding Liquidity

You can earn rewards by providing liquidity on WormFi. You must have WORM and BNB token in order to provide liquidity as it will pair them together at a ratio of 50-50. In the future, you’ll be able to stake your liquidity provider tokens through WormFi to earn additional yield. WormBust is a progressive jackpot game on Binance Smart Chain. Users compete against the house to seize as much as possible from the bankroll. Play WormBust with WORM token.

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