What Is Worldtoken? (WORLD) Complete Guide Review About Worldtoken.

What Is Worldtoken? (WORLD) Complete Guide Review About Worldtoken.

What Is Worldtoken?

Worldtoken is a unique platform that combines the best tokenomics of frictionless yield protocols for instant rewards with the additional benefits of staking in the upcoming marketplace. Launch AppGo to Marketplace If you would like to know where to buy World Token, the top exchanges for trading in World Token are currently Uniswap Hotbit, and PancakeSwap. You can find others listed on the crypto exchanges page.Global digital marketplace rewarding both users and merchants on every transaction.

Worldtoken Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWorldtoken
Short NameWORLD
Circulating Supply99,450,037.10 WORLD
Total Supply100,000,000
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Frictionless Staking

Worldtoken Coin Anyone holding World token receives rewards passively, excluding the Marketing Fund address which is blacklisted for this function. If you own 5% of the supply, you receive 5% of the 1% holder’s rewards. There is no need to deposit tokens into any contracts; simply keeping the tokens in any ERC-20 wallet rewards holders with more tokens.

Liquidity Provider Rewards

Depositing Uniswap LP tokens for the ETH-WORLD pair into the website/farming contract rewards users with another 1% pool. Every block, 1% from every $WORLD token transaction is sent to the LP Rewards pool contract. At midnight (UTC), the system takes account of the total amount of the pool, and then distributes 1% from it as the upcoming day’s rewards split into every block. This way, every day 1% of the total reward pool will be sent as rewards to the LP providers, whether or not there was a $WORLD token transaction on that specific block. This ensures LP providers will get a guaranteed reward on every block, the reward scales higher as the pool gets larger, and that the reward pool will never be drained.
The accrued rewards are displayed on the user dashboard on the website and are claimable any time without fees, outside of the ETH network fee(gas) for claiming. This pool is reserved entirely for LP providers. At any time, there may be 100 holders and 2 LP providers and in which case the LP providers would earn more rewards than holders. During our first day of launch, 1 million tokens were immediately assigned to the contract to start the rewards pool immediately.

Sample Computation

Worldtoken Assuming zero transactions and a 1000 reward pool: Today at 0:00 UTC: 10 tokens divided by the next 24 hours of blocks (which is 6544, but may change according to the network) = 0.001528 per block today. Next day at 0:00 UTC assuming no rewards are added: 1% of 990 = 9.9 tokens divided by 6544 = 0.001512 tokens per block on this day. simply keeping the tokens in any ERC-20 wallet will reward holders with more tokens.

Burn Address

At the project’s launch, 1 million tokens were sent out to the burn address. Over time, this address receives rewards as a holder and passively increases the token’s scarcity.

Marketing Fund

Worldtoken Coin to help fuel the project’s sustainability, the World marketing fund receives one-third of the 3% transaction taxes. These tokens are only sold through the #WorldTreasury OTC deals – fueling the next initiatives of the project such as audits, marketing pushes, development, and other milestones.

3% Tax On All Transactions

A 3% transaction tax is distributed to three parties; holders/merchants, liquidity providers, and a perpetual marketing/development fund. With these, the project is built to be a sustainable ecosystem composed of consumers and merchants. For instance, sending 100 $WORLD from wallet A to wallet B will have wallet B receiving net 97 $WORLD tokens. World will constantly grow until it can achieve a fully decentralized status where the development fund’s rewards will be turned off entirely and ownership renounced. All rewards come from the 3% token tax applied to all transactions; meaning there will never be any additional minting of World tokens.

Partnership And Merchants

Worldtoken In this phase, alongside the features of Phase 1, the World Marketplace will officially go live alongside the select World Merchants. The merchants will be incentivized to accept World tokens with their registered ETH address due to their higher reward pool rates, which in turn promotes a slower sell rate (as opposed to receiving $WORLD then ‘dumping’ the entire amount right away). Here at World, Merchants will undergo a stringent screening process; merchants will need to apply with an web store with at least three (3) months of business activity and have to provide their sales history for the past month.

They will also be accepting merchants with less than three (3) months of history, depending on their following and/or customer base. All related factors will be taken under manual review for each merchant. Upon the decentralization of the merchant acceptance program, they will put into place a vendor bond requirement so that anyone may open shop on the World Marketplace, while reducing risks to consumers shopping on the platform.

The Marketplace

The Worldtoken Coin Marketplace will be a one-stop-shop for purchasing digital goods online. We’re talking – NFTs, games, collectibles, comics, gift cards, music, e-books, and more. All transactions in the marketplace will be escrow-based, facilitated by smart contracts, connecting merchants and customers around the globe.