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Wiredhosting Web Hosting Review: You need maximum stability.

About Wiredhosting

By contracting any Service provided by Wiredhosting Argentina you are accepting the Terms and Conditions. They clearly express your policies of acceptable use of the services. WiredHosting reserves the right of admission and permanence of any website that is on your servers in case it does not respect what is established below. When contracting the service, basic personal data is requested. They are for the exclusive use of the company and for internal management. At no time will your information be disclosed or used for profit. It is necessary to contact the user in case of problems or notifications.

All data provided is stored in a private database which facilitates rapid response to queries and/or customer problems. In case of not respecting any of the first 3 points, the plan will be immediately suspended, sending an email to the owner of the plan with the reasons and textual citation of the terms and conditions for which your account was suspended. At all times the material will be retained by your company to analyze it and be removed by the user so that information is not lost.

Some Quick Facts Wiredhosting Web Hosting

WiredhostingBasic Details
Hosting NameWiredhosting
Call Support(011) 5368-1687
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Wiredhosting Price

Server features and performance

Wiredhosting servers are configured in such a way as to achieve the best performance for all users. This allows to have an uptime greater than 99.9% Guaranteed. The settings are unmodifiable. In the event that the Uptime of the server on which your website is located ends the month with an uptime of less than 99.9%, Hosting has the obligation and undertakes to return the money of the last month paid as Credit for future invoices. In case of rescission of the contract for this last clause, the money will be refunded in cash. It is possible to send up to 200 emails per hour, run CronJobs for 15 seconds, run 8 processes simultaneously, 8 maximum connections to the database and use 1% of the CPU.

Payments and debts

Wiredhosting has very flexible payment and debt policies. When contracting a Hosting plan, Reseller Plan, Domain or Dedicated Server, it will be activated on the same business day in which the contract was made. The active period is taken from the moment the account was activated, and not from the moment the first payment was registered. If you have an invoice overdue for a period greater than one month, your account will be automatically suspended. In the event that you do not pay your invoice within the following 15 business days, your account may be deleted from the server WITHOUT the possibility of claiming reactivation or Backup Restoration.

Argentine domain registration

Wiredhosting registers the Argentine domains free of charge, but only when the client requests it. In the event that the client does not request the support department to register his domain, Hosting will take it for granted that the client is going to register on his own. Customers who request the registration of the Argentine domain to WiredHosting must request its renewal once a year. Renewal takes place 11 months after registration. If you register a domain on January 1, you must request its renewal on November 1 of that same year. If the renewal request is not received, the domain will enter the process of being dropped after 12 months of registration.

Disagreement with the service provided

In case of not being satisfied with the services provided by Hosting, the company will lend itself to listen to your complaints, problems or reasons why you are dissatisfied and take the necessary actions so that this does not happen again or correct the errors. It is recommended that customers send their complaints to the company to find a solution to it. If you wish, the amount of the last month paid will be reimbursed.

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