What Is Wipe My ASS (WIPE)?

What Is Wipe My ASS (WIPE)? Complete Guide Review About Wipe My ASS.

What Is Wipe My ASS (WIPE)?

The pandemic has shown the world the true value of toilet paper. Get ready for the apocalypse. The Wipe My ASS platform can be treated as a hosting platform for user’s own game. Make bet transaction is available for this option and works as it does in the lottery game. User’s own game rules determine the bets and modulo, where module is the reward ratio.

For example, if dice is to be implemented, the bets should accept numbers from 1 to 6 and modulo should be set to 6. If two dices are to be rolled together, numbers would be from 2 to 12 and modulo should be set to 11.

Wipe My ASS Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWipe My ASS
Short NameWIPE
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply18,000,000,000
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How will I get my rewards?

Wipe My ASS take weekly snapshots of all holder wallets and send rewards straight in your wallets. You have nothing to do. Lottery also utilities make bet transaction with the same syntax. What makes lottery different is that the only bet type available is straight bet.

Each make bet can define one number or more as separate bets from 1 up to 2^30 with modulo set to maximum 2^30. Make bet RPC can accept more than one straight bet, up to 10 bets. The modulo operator defined is tantamount to the number of options draw from.

What is the weekly reward snapshot time?

The snapshot is taken randomly during the week, Wipe My ASS do not communicate on the exact time. To make a bet a user should have total transaction input amount equal to sum of bet amounts plus fee. In this case: 0.1+0.05+0.7+0.000x BST. The fee is computed automatically inside make bet RPC and is the mirror of current BTC fee algorithm. This fee is a mining fee only, there are no other fees related with betting or winning.

Where can I get $WIPE Token?

You can get your $WIPE by Trading on DexLab or Swapping on Cropper. I need to clean mine really bad, can I get more than 1 Wipe My Ass NFT? The more NFTs you hold the more $WIPE you got. For each NFT you’ll receive 3,000 $WIPE/week. The Wipe My ASS roulette was designed to have 0% house edge, as there is no House betting with the players. Understandably, there is no 0 or 00 on the roulette. The numbers available for betting are 1-36.

What’s WipeMyAss NFT total supply?

Only 3000 will be released. The design was possible due to probability of a win of such amount and some constraints on the actual betting. There are two rules around how transactions are chosen for blocks. The sum of input amounts (all bets) included in a given block will not be greater than 0.9 of a current block subsidy (i.e. 50BST at the moment), and the sum of payoffs / rewards for for a block will not be greater than the sum of the inputs and the subsidy. This prevents huge bets with lowest modulo (i.e. 2) that can cause the system to collapse.

Where can I get WipeMyAss NFT?

You can get your Wipe My ASS NFT on Magic Eden, Digital Eyes and Solsea. When accepted by pool, a bet is put into a block. The last 4 bytes word of block hash is divided modulo by the modulo argument (the actual bet) and the result is increased by 1. The result is then taken and compared with the bet, and the bet is a winning one if the numbers are equal.

For example, let’s imagine that a user bets on roulette result to be 12. The bet is put into a transaction and the transaction is part of a freshly mined block. The hash of the block is then truncated to obtain only the last 4 bytes, decimated, and divided modulo 36. The result of the equation is increased. If the increased value is equal 12 then the bet is a winning one.