WINkLink (WIN) Coin Review : It Is Good Or Bad Review

WINkLink (WIN) Coin Review : It Is Good Or Bad Review

About WINkLink

WINkLink is a decentralized oracle network. Decentralization reduces the needs of trust among parties of the contracts, and Wink Link ensure the security of the entire procedure of smart contracts execution, including obtaining data from off-chain sources. This is the prerequire site of connecting smart contracts to the real world and taking the p lace of traditional digital contracts.

WINkLink To apply smart contracts to a wider range of scenarios, the accuracy of the input/output data is required. Example data requirement of sma rt contracts can be as following Securities smart contracts such as bonds, interest rate derivate , and many others will require access to APIs reporting market prices and market reference data, e.g. interest rates.

WINkLink Insurance smart contracts will need data feeds about IoT data r elated to the insurable event in question, e.g.: was the wareho use’s magnetic door locked at the time of the breach, was the company’s firewall online or did the flight you had insurance for arriving on time. Trade finance smart contracts will need GPS data about shipment s, data from supply chain ERP systems, and customs data about t he goods being shipped to confirm the fulfilment of contractual obligations.

WINkLink (WIN) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name WINkLink
Short Name WIN
Circulating Supply313.61B WIN
Total Supply994,855,928,116
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WinkLink System Overview

WINkLink aims to link the on-chain and off-chain worlds. WinkLink is initially deployed on the TRON network and will support other blockchain networks. They develop WinkLink with the modularization concept. It will be easy for us to apply optimizations in the future.


Data requests initiated by smart contracts are called requesting cont racts and denote by USER-SC. The on-chain interface WinkLink interact s with requesting contracts is itself a smart contract which is denoted by WINKLINK-SC. WinkLink has an on-chain module called aggregator contract. Users choose nodes and services from a front-end page for the aggregator contract, and then it will calculate the final result for requesting contracts.

Oracle Selection

WINkLink Oracle services purchasers evaluate their specific requirements, then select nodes and services from the list page. Nodes related data is available in the list for consumers to choose appropriate nodes and services. They have also considered manual matching is not possible for all situations. In the future, the will design an automated matching mechanism to meet more needs

Data Aggregation

An aggregator contract collects results from all specified nodes and calculates a result. This result is finally sent to USER-SC. There is not a universal aggregator contract, for every demand can be different(e.g. return type). WinkLink will include a standard(i.e. a template) for users to customise their contracts.

What WinkLink Does?

Use WinkLink to feed trusted price data to DeFi Platforms

WINkLink Decentralized financial apps provide prices for token exchange and loan mortgage. WinkLink’s embedded price oracle system offers stable and reliable price feeds for DeFi-building developers.

Trusted off-Chain Data for more use Cases

WinkLink Oracle allows developers to use any real-world data, such as sports and weather. Developers could create custom-made oracles here, and connect smart contracts with the real world in a few minutes.

Accelerate TRON Ecosystem Building

WinkLink’s smart contract can easily access any data, forming a trusted data ecosystem in various industries. With faster, stabler and cheaper transactions, it provides better services for developers and users.

What is WIN?

WINkLink is a TRC20 token issued on the TRON network, which is used in multiple scenarios


WinkLink nodes receive WIN tokens as rewards for providing trusted data


Developers request trusted data by paying WIN to the WinkLink nodes


WINkLink WIN holders can get involved in community governance and decide its future