What Is Whitecoin.info? (XWC) Complete Guide Review About Whitecoin.info

What Is Whitecoin.info? (XWC) Complete Guide Review About Whitecoin.info

What Is Whitecoin.info?

Whitecoin.info is a community-based decentralization project with more than five years of history. The project was launched in early 2014. The main members of the original development team are from the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Australia and other countries. The newly upgraded will adopt RPOS mechanism to realize the functions such as cross-chain asset management, cross-chain transfer, exchange, and cross-chain value transfer. The upgraded public chain provides three main functions: cross-chain assets management, smart contracts, decentralized exchanges, and the core feature: community governance mechanisms.

Whitecoin Coin the upgraded is a cross-chain project, which has reportedly realized the function of cross-chain asset management. The team claims that it is the largest cross-chain public chain in the world. It aims to provide a benchmark and demonstration for breaking the barriers among various public chains. The public chain that utilizes interconnection between blockchains through the innovative Multi Tunnel Blockchain Communication Protocol (MTBCP) protocol. As an essential part of the ecosystem, it adopts the Random Proof of Stake (RPOS) consensus, Axis, Wallet, decentralized mining pools, and smart contract platforms to build a cross-chain blockchain ecological infrastructure.

Whitecoin.info Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWhitecoin.info
Short NameXWC
Circulating Supply723,507,349.00 XWC
Total Supply923,507,350
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High Efficiency

Whitecoin.info according to the RPOS consensus, the main chain produces one block every 6 seconds. Compared to the BTC every 10 minutes and LTC every 2.5 minutes, the transaction’s confirmation speed has significantly improved. BTC’s or LTC asset transfer performance or trading on main chain is about 100 times that of BTC’s main chain and 25 times that of LTC. Theoretical TPS (number of transactions per second) value reaches 10,000, enough to carry high-load trading on multiple chains.

Smart Contract

They users can flexibly expand and custom design complex business logic and financial contracts using Turing-complete smart contracts. Concurrently, based on not modifying and updating the original chain’s code, realize limited and controllable dynamic extensions. For example, realize Token contracts, transaction contracts, lock contracts, and various DAPP contracts on through the smart contract.

Flexible Fee

The Whitecoin Coin chain fee can be XWC, and it also supports a variety of WAMP payments, allowing users to directly trade when they have either XWC or WAMP, no need to worry the handling fee. The rate of exchange fees on the network is not fixed but determined by market dynamics. With the changing asset price, the WAMP required for the transaction will fluctuate too.

100% Reserve Fund

To ensure the stability and safety of the ecosystem, reserve ratio is 100%. Each WAMP (Anchored Multi-properties) has a real original chain asset (such as BTC, ETH) pledged in the original chain, which in the hot and cold multi-signature address managed by the RPOS consensus. This ensures that all of assets are not added or destroyed without Foundation. The increase or decrease of each asset corresponds to the user’s deposit or withdrawal in the original chain one to one.

Cross-chain Interconnection

Whitecoin.info has taken the lead to realize the interconnection of value between blockchains through Multi Tunnel Blockchain Communication Protocol (MTBCP). The realization of the cross-chain function has tremendous significance for the current blockchain field. Realize interconnection of value between blockchains. Break barriers between independent blockchains provide a basis for building an interconnection in the blockchain world. Enable existing blockchains to enable better expansion and value sharing. Help existing infrastructures of internet business to join blockchain technology.

XWC created an interconnected blockchain world.

Whitecoin Coin connects the values of blockchains with the innovative Multi Tunnel Blockchain Communication Protocol (MTBCP).Cross-chain is of great significance to the current blockchain industry: it connects the values of different blockchains; it breaks the barriers between independent blockchains and provides the foundation for building an interconnected ecosystem in the blockchain world. It enables better scaling and value sharing of existing blockchains; it helps the infrastructure of existing Internet business to connect to blockchains.