What Is Poseidon? (QQQ) Complete Guide Review About Poseidon.

What Is Poseidon? (QQQ) Complete Guide Review About Poseidon.

What Is Poseidon?

Poseidon provide decentralized CDN service, the decentralized version of GCP, AWS Cloud Service. With IoT such as NAS, they achieve fog computing, it’s closer to users than the cloud, several times faster, cheaper, and effective use of idle resources. With the variety of flexible solutions, partners have included the world’s leading NAS brands, e-commerce, content industries, well-known gamer community forums, live streaming and so on. Users can provide their unused bandwidth and storage from their devices, such as NAS, computers, and mobile devices. Poseidon’s platform network collects and re-allocates these resources to users who need them. It utilizes idle resources and allows users to share those resources in exchange for rewards.

Poseidon Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePoseidon
Short NameQQQ
Circulating Supply2.20B QQQ
Total Supply21,000,000,000
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Poseidon Coin already host decentralized global nodes providing Bandwidth, Storage & Computing, combined with several top-notch blockchain technology partners.


1/3 times cheaper than cloud providers, yet faster. Enterprise friendly solutions and services are provided.


Poseidon is faster. The edge at fog are closer to the users , so that latency is lower than the edges at cloud.10x faster in TTFB & 2x Download Speed than AWS CloudFront.


They build Internet resources sharing platform based on blockchain technology. Sharing economy is incentive by QQQ token, a mining friendly platform and a powerful ecosystem without border.


The Lights towards the next Internet Sources Sharing Platform

Poseidon Coin next-Generation Content Acceleration Layer (CDN + DSN), incentivized by Token Economy, it’s cheaper yet faster. Utilized unused bandwidth and storage from any NAS, desktop, or mobile devices around the world. It’s distributed, efficient, and integrates perfectly with existing internet and blockchain infrastructure Served as a bandwidth optimization mechanism for every type of web content (static file / video on demand / live streaming)

Poseidon Network Dapps Architecture

The upper chart shows the application scenarios of Apps and dApps, including live broadcast, video sharing, photo sharing, file sharing, update file distribution, and future block chain identity, Trust Execution Environment (TEE), etc., and unlimited possibilities. The middle chart displays smart contracts and algorithms. The various algorithms maintain the efficiency of the network and form the supervision layer of it.The lower chart demonstrates the entire underlying architecture, which includes QCDN, DSN, and Block chain.QCDN also contains QEdge as the node and the Qontroller of the distributor.

Latest Updates

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.

Poseidon provide a great amount of technical resources and opportunity to join in Poseidon Network. eg, Scholarship appllication, College Groups, Campus ambassador. They value the community qualitive and qauntitive both. As far as you are willing or interesting in Poseidon Network, and willing to share it to your groups or friends, they provide community bounty for these case.

  • Education related
  • social Media related
  • Media related


Transport Layer driven via Token

Poseidon Coin token Economics are fundamentally new ways of incentivizing human behavior, The main task in mechanism design is to specify a mechanism that incentivizes rational agents to behave in certain ways, based upon their private information, that lead to socially desired outcomes.

How doest it work

The functional token of platform, the most important part of mainnet, furthermore, the only token in this ecosystem. Pay QQQ token to drive the services of or get QQQ from supplying your unused network resources.



Poseidon value the customers — which is why the respect privacy, and don’t exploit customer data or end user data. And the team is available to help along the way via the support center.


The platform helps businesses across industries scale faster and more securely, and they proud to offer free services for open-source and nonprofit projects.


From the start, they moved data and applications closer to the end user — at the edge of the network — to improve apps and websites. Today, they continuing to set the industry standard and innovate at the edge.

Meet the Team

What Is Poseidon? (QQQ) Complete Guide Review About Poseidon.