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What Is WhaleGirl(WGIRL) ? Complete Guide Review About WhaleGirl

What Is WhaleGirl(WGIRL) ?

WhaleGirl is a very special girl in the anime world of Crypto. combines several true benefits, all of which have proven themselves in Crypto and with which give holders multiple diversified opportunities to grow into a whale themselves with . A token that was NOT created exclusively for whales, but aims to breed whales that want to explore the ocean together with Whalegirl. strengthen the reasons to hold through P2E Game, NFTs, Farming & staking audited, 100% secure and doxxed. Whalegirl can be trusted and swim with her fin in fin to the moon.

WhaleGirl (WGIRL)Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWhaleGirl
Short Name (WGIRL)
Circulating Supply600,000,000.00 WGIRL
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Training Mode

In this Game Mode Masters will be able to train their Beasts and generate an Income with them. Beasts can level up to increase their stats and income generation rate. Beasts need to be taken care of too, they need a Beast Totem to get the Energy necesarry for training, Berries to get nutrients, Potions to cure sickness and more. To begin their journey, Masters will get a free Gym where up to 5 Beasts can be placed. Masters can train their NFTs beasts and make them stronger in the Gyms.


Here you can see tax breakdown. When buying or selling via Pancake Swap you should add a few more % so that the swap works without problems.

Game Dev 1%

Ensuring game development for further profitable use of token.

Marketing 4%

Promoting project as well as securing business-relevant partnerships.

Liquidity 2%

Strengthening Liquidity is an essential step in the long term direction of trading.

Team 2%

Paying dedicated team to guarantee that project is intrinsically motivated to move forward in the long term.


Whales are rewarded at Whalegirl! biggest Whales will get some Exclusive NFTs when first Collection will drop.

Total Tax 9%

the total tax is 9% for purchase or sale. But always remember when you want to sell or buy to use a little more slippage.


Here you can find token allocations. have set up the allocation together with partners to ensure a long-term scaling.

Training Mode

Train & Take care of your Beasts. Level them up to make them stronger and increase their EXP Production.

Master World (PvE)

Discover the incredible Beast Masters World. Fight in Dungeons, enjoy the Story Mode, fight World Bosses and climb the Tower of Time.

Beast Masters Arena (PvP)

Begin your journey to become an Elite Beast Master. Compete for the glory and prizes in various PvP Leagues and Tournaments


Create or Join a Guild to be part of a Community. Explore Dungeons along with your Guild, fight together in the Arena, and more.


Our Economy is carefully designed to be stable and keep your investment safe over time. Features as multiple burning methods, an Oracle system, sponsors and more are being implemented to achieve this.


Lend your Beasts to other Masters for the Master Arena. This system is managed with smart contracts to make it safe and easy to use.

Master World

The Beast Masters universe needs protection from the Masters, who together with their Beasts will form teams to travel the world in intense combats against fierce and mysterious enemies. The Master World features different regions and game modes to explore and challenge. From venturing into inhospitable grasslands and forests to confronting Bosses and Mythical Beasts in Volcanoes, Mountains and Magical Megastructures of Ancient Civilizations, where the ultimate challenges await the Master


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