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What Is WhaleGirl (WGIRL)? Complete Guide Review About WhaleGirl.

What Is WhaleGirl (WGIRL)?

Whalegirl is a very special girl in the anime world of Crypto. Whale combines several true benefits, all of which have proven themselves in Crypto and with which they give your holders multiple diversified opportunities to grow into a whale themselves with Whale. In doing so, Whale builds on its own unique strengths. A token that was NOT created exclusively for whales, but aims to breed whales that want to explore the ocean together with Whale. They strengthen the reasons to hold through your P2E Game, your Whale NFTs, Whale Farming & staking.

Whalegirl is audited, 100% secure and doxxed. Whalegirl can be trusted and swim with her fin in fin to the moon. In this section, you can find technical information about the required number of photovoltaic panels, annual energy production (kWh) by checking the results obtained for your location or cities with climatic conditions close to your location.

Whalegirl Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWhalegirl
Short NameWGIRL
Circulating Supply600,000,000.00 WGIRL
Total Supply600,000,000
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Stake, farm, P2E, NFTs, marketing pushes through further listings and bridging into the ETH network Whalegirl leads to the blending of the most successful revenue streams in Crypto. Whale Contract is designed to be future-proof, ensuring listing on various CEX and a team to support this token for the long term. Paying your dedicated team to guarantee that your project is intrinsically motivated to move forward in the long term. I bring exciting stuff like an Ethereum bridge, listings on other centralized exchanges, staking and NFTs with me whale 3 Swim to the moon with me.

A sample PV panel selection was made for the system sizing required for the PV system for the daily energy need of 1 kWh. Required number of panels and annual energy production are given below, by using the solar irradiation records of some cities selected from Europe, North America, and Asia. In the table below, monthly average irradiation amounts for different cities in Europe are given.


Here you can see your tax breakdown. When buying or selling via Pancake Swap you should add a few more % so that the swap works without problems. Ensuring your game development for further profitable use of your token. Promoting your project as well as securing business-relevant partnerships. Strengthening your Liquidity is an essential step in the long term direction of your trading.

Paying your dedicated team to guarantee that your project is intrinsically motivated to move forward in the long term. Whales are rewarded at Whalegirl. Your biggest Whales will get some Exclusive NFTs when your first Collection will drop. The total tax is 9% for purchase or sale. But always remember when you want to sell or buy to use a little more slippage.


Here you can find your token allocations. Whalegirl have set up the allocation together with your partners to ensure a long-term scaling. People will have an idea about the amount of PV energy production according to the climatic characteristics of the location, sample cities from different continents, and the number of panels required for 1 kWh energy need per day (depending on the selected PV panel). Particular attention was paid to ensure that cities in the selected countries had as different solar irradiation levels as possible.

Whalegirl the design of solar energy systems, the most important parameters are the daily energy requirement, the power of the solar panel, module efficiency, and the amount of solar irradiation that comes to the location where the system will be installed. Solar irradiation varies according to years, seasons, months, and location. The amount of solar irradiation varies depending on years, seasons, months, and location. Therefore, seasons and locations need to be considered for solar system sizing.



  • Marketing Start
  • Telegram Growth
  • Telegram Community
  • Growth 3000+ Member
  • Telegram Marketing
  • Multiple hosted AMAs
  • Business Partnerships
  • Presale on Pinksale
  • NFT Creation
  • Progress
  • CG Listing
  • CMC Listing


  • Whalegirl Staking Pool
  • NFT Marketplace positioning
  • Game Development
  • Cointiger Listing
  • Hotbit Listing
  • Whitebit Listing


  • Bitmart Listing
  • ETH Bridge Implementation
  • Huge Marketing Partnerships
  • P2E Game Finalization
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