What Is Wepiggy? (WPC) Complete Guide Review About Wepiggy.

What Is Wepiggy? (WPC) Complete Guide Review About Wepiggy.

What Is Wepiggy(WPC)?

WePiggy (WPC) is an open source, non-custodial crypto asset lending market protocol. In market, users can deposit their crypto assets to earn interest, or borrow others by paying interests. WePiggy Coin (WPC) is the governance token of the protocol, with a total amount of about 8 billion, which is completely generated through mining, no VC allocation, no private sale, no pre-mining.

Wepiggy Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWepiggy Coin
Short NameWPC
Circulating Supply87,788,637.00 DCB
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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A Multi-Chain Crypto Bank

WePiggy has been deployed on various well-known public chains and Layer 2 networks such as Ethereum, OKExChain (OEC), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Huobi Eco Chain (HECO), Arbitrum, Optimism, Moonriver, Harmony and will soon be launched on Moonbeam etc., realizing the exchange and lending of cross-chain assets.

A Security-First Crypto Bank

Smart contract of WePiggy (WPC) protocol are open-sourced and have been audited by SlowMist. The assets are stored transparently and traceably on blockchain networks. WePiggy has now become a Web3 product through implementing a serverless architecture.

A Crypto Bank Belonging to DAO

WePiggy is a crypto bank built and governed by the core development team and the WPC holder community. From the first day, everyone together explored unique values and scientific governance framework for DAO.

Original Liquidation Reminder Function

The user can set an email address. When the used ratio or borrow APY reaches the pre-warning value, the system will automatically send a notification email to remind the user to repay their outstanding borrowings or add more collaterals in time.

Deposit Cap for Each Lending Market

Under extreme market conditions, the liquidity may shrink extremely, leading to certain currencies may not be liquidated in time. For the safety of users’ assets, the WePiggy protocol reasonably sets up deposit caps for each different lending market.

Prevent Front-End Attacks

The WePiggy (WPC) core development team has prepared backup domain names. If the front end is attacked, users will be guided to use backup domain names. In addition, community volunteers wrote tutorials for users to make sure they can use the protocol through the blockchain explorers.

Risk Assessment & Vote for Listing

All assets listed on the protocol must meet the standards of the risk assessment framework, and they can only go online after in-depth discussion in the community forum, formal voting, and publicity of the results. This process ensures that the protocol is as transparent and fair as possible.

Chainlink Oracle Integration

Chainlink, a leading decentralized oracle network provides with highly accurate, available, and tamper-proof on-chain prices, which prevents WePiggy from being affected by flash loan attacks and networks congestion.

Timelock Delayed Execution

All contract modifications will be executed after a 2-day delay so that users have enough time to decide whether to accept this modification and deal with their assets in the WePiggy protocol.

Safety First

Smart contract codes of the protocol are open source and have been strictly tested and audited. They assets are stored transparently and traceably in the blockchain network which cannot be embezzled by the team. Welcome to visit the open source code repository to review the code.

Professional Security Audit

WePiggy (WPC) contracts have been audited by SlowMist. Subsequent new business types will also give priority to user asset security and will be launched after full testing and auditing.

Private Key Multi-Signature Management

Be jointly managed by 7 members of core development team through a multi-signature mechanism to prevent single-point of failure. In the future, the management private key will be transferred to the community and the protocol will be upgraded through the WePiggy Improvement Proposal (WIP). Welcome to join the community and participate in governance.

Bug Bounty Program

WePiggy (WPC) value the input of hackers acting in good faith to help us maintain the highest standard for security and safety. For those discoveries that can prevent asset loss or freezing and prevent users from being harmed, the core development team will offer rewards based on the severity and exploitability of the vulnerability.