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What Is WeBuy(WE) Coin Review ?Complete Guide Review About WeBuy

What Is WeBuy(WE) Coin Review ?

WeBuy provides the ability to divide ownership of NFTs by KIP-7 and ERC-20 tokenization. We call it “Fractionization.” Fractionization makes it possible for multiple people to own a single NFT together. As many high profile NFTs can easily cost up to millions of dollars, joint purchases through fractionization not only make it easier to own expensive NFTs but has the effect of providing liquidity to the NFT market.

WeBuy Fractional has revolutionized and opened up new horizons in the field of NFTs. This has allowed more people to invest in NFTs. Additional advantages of purchasing NFTs through Fractionization can be found below :

WeBuy (WE) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWeBuy
Short NameWE
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Max SupplyN/A
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How Does WEBUY Work?



WeBuy Art has always been a financial investment tool for the wealthy. Works of art or art work are certainly great investments, but famous works of art easily reach up to 1-3 million dollars. A treshold is in place for ordinary investors and buyers. The average buyer couldn’t dare to think of owning art that was worth millions created by famous artists. However, blockchain NFT technology has made it possible to own pieces of art

Enhanced liquidity:

WeBuy Fractional NFT solves the liquidity problem. When selling expensive NFTs, there is a problem that the sale period can continue for a long time because only a small number of investors can afford the NFT, meaning the target market is limited. If the KIP-17 and ERC-721 NFTs you hold are separated into KIP-7 or ERC-20 tokens and sold partially, the NFTs will receive attention from the public rather than a small group of investors. This solves a significant part of the liquidity problem.

Democratization of Investment:

WeBuy It is difficult for small investors to purchase NFTs through NFT auctions. In the case of NFT auctions, usually expensive pieces are sold, so only a small number of investors can purchase the asset. However, the advent of fractional NFTs has opened up more opportunities for small investors gathered into DAO in NFT markets that were previously only for a select few


WeBuy platform provides Fractionization, DaoBuy, Staking, LP Farming, and Governance functions. These five functions are important elements that make up the flawless WeBuy ecosystem, and each of them provides an unprecedented service to users through interaction. intend to provide additional rewards using non-fungible assets by providing the NFTFi function that combines NFT + DeFi beyond simple NFT ownership.

WeBuy platform v1.0 will run on Klaytn and Ethereum. Compared to other blockchains, will improve the usability and completeness of the platform by utilizing faster speed, scalability, and lower fees that Klaytn seamlessly offers. Once initial road map is accomplished, the expansion to multi-chain is the ultimate goal of the team, and are considering main nets with rapidly growing ecosystems such as Binance Smart Chain(BSC), FLOW, and Polygon…

Features :


WeBuy lets users “split” their NFTs with just a click.


WeBuy A DAO is where people with common interests gather to improve the ecosystem of a project or protocol. Investors of WeBuy will always have a voice to shape the future of WeBuy.


WeBuy You can sell fractions of the NFT you have or use the SWAP function to purchase the fractions of the NFT you want. Abundant liquidity makes it possible to buy and sell.

Multi Chain

WeBuy aims to become a multi-chain platform that supports various mainnets. With the support and additional development of EVM-based chains, WeBuy will be a platform and service that encompasses the communities and projects of each chain.