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Webtejo Web Hosting Review: Looking for a domain name?

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About Webtejo

The following terms and conditions are necessary to ensure that can continue to provide the best possible service to all your customers, while at the same time meeting your legal and ethical responsibilities. By subscribing to a service on Webtejo, the customer accepts all the points mentioned in this document, which represents all the minimum conditions for the provision of services by Tejo. Web reserves the right to change this document, without prior notice, and it is up to the customer to verify them whenever necessary. The changes will be, whenever possible, notified via digital means or by updating the final date in this document.

The services provided by Webtejo are available for subscription exclusively online on a pre-payment basis, unless otherwise agreed between both parties. Web may also make customer data available for legal purposes, if requested by competent authorities and legally registered as such. Failure to comply with the terms in this document may result in the cancellation and termination, in whole or in part, of the services associated with the customer, as well as the imposition of fines.

Some Quick Facts Webtejo Web Hosting

WebtejoBasic Details
Hosting NameWebtejo
Call Support+351 308 801 521
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Webtejo Price


Webtejo reserves the right to interrupt the provision of the service whenever maintenance is necessary in order to keep the servers and network stable, secure and up to date. In case of emergency, this measure can be applied immediately, with additional information transmitted by the other means of contact or through the Service Status page. Tejo reserves the right to disable the service if it is used for the practice of sending unsolicited emails, commonly known as SPAM, propagation of viruses, illegal availability of content protected by copyright or that encourage the practice of crimes, propagation of DDoS attacks, Brute Force or Spam Bots and other practices considered illegal by Portuguese and French legislation in force.


It is expressly prohibited to host illegal content and/or related to pedophilia, warez, racism, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic (among others), terrorism or hacking, as well as sharing links or files that facilitate access to them on the Tejo. Webtejo reserves the right to provide services with outdated software and, when reviewed by the technical team, the customer may have to downgrade their software on a temporary basis until Tejo upgrades its services without a stipulated date. Web reserves the right to suspend, deactivate or terminate any service in the event of non-payment of the service renewal amount, until the due date of the open payment documents or failure to comply with any of the conditions of these Terms of Service.

Shared Web Hosting

The customer is solely responsible for the content hosted on the services in his possession, and WebTejo is unable to control all the information placed on the servers, whether this has been directly or indirectly introduced by the customer. The resale, assignment or subletting of any shared hosting plan to third parties is not permitted, except for reseller plans specifically created for this purpose or when there is a prior agreement between both parties. The shared web hosting service has a sending limit of 200 mails per hour, for each hosting account. This limit may be reduced if there is a constant sending of emails or in recurring periods where the limit of 200 emails has been reached.

Customer’s Responsibility

Any and all newsletters sent to more than 100 contacts must be previously approved by WebTejo. It is the customer’s responsibility to use mailing software capable of sending in bulk in stages, so as not to harm the proper functioning of the servers. WebTejo there is a high consumption of resources (which includes, but not exclusively, Memory and CPU) originating from a shared hosting account, compromising the proper functioning of the server, it may be temporarily or permanently suspended, and the customer must contact the Technical Support Department in order to obtain details and request the reactivation of the service.

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