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webglobe Web Hosting Review: Save 50% on domain.

About webglobe

Get your dream .CZ domain for CZK 149, or FREE with any web hosting. Register quickly before someone blows it away. And they will make sure that he is as comfortable as possible. Forget the complexities. With you choose the template that suits you best, modify it to your liking and that’s it – your business is online. This can also handle projects that no longer fit on standard web hosting. They offer guaranteed performance and an individual approach even for the most demanding. Through the core tokens of Weley and NFT, you will fully harvest dividends from the growth of Weley ecosystem while using the product. This world is a meta verse built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

It has a broad product blueprint and its functions will be launched step by step. Initially, it will include a trading platform and NFT exchange market, followed by a social networking platform in the future. This is a beautiful world where a variety of Weleys lived. As an aboriginal in this world, you need to learn how to get along with them. They will make you gain a lot here, in addition, all creatures are generated from caves in this world, and there are abundant props, forming a vast and colorful ecosystem. In this Weley world, you are not only a user, but also the master of this world.

Some Quick Facts webglobe Web Hosting

webglobeBasic Details
Hosting Namewebglobe
Price169 CZK / year
Call Support+420 603 111 111
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


webglobe Price

You will love your client administration

This think of newcomers and experienced. You can manage your services even if you are not a technical specialist. And if you need more hands-free and advanced settings, they won’t stop you. NFT will be one of the protagonists in the world. It is as important as the core token of the project, with rich functions and combinations waiting for you to explore. webglobe will provide a trading market for everyone to make free bids and exchanges for NFTs. Part of transaction fees of the trading platform will be distributed to the project’s member holders or NFT holders, and in addition to setting aside a portion of tokens for initial liquidity, no investors and no pre-mining. The token will be distributed in a completely fair launch way.

Don’t buy rabbits in a bag

Choosing the right partner is the basis of success. For over 20 years, your goal has been to help companies and small entrepreneurs grow and push their limits. They are among the leaders in the field both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Infinity Wallet provides a wide range of features and services for both novice and advanced users alike. All within a single platform sporting a professional interface crafted for the best user experience. Working closely with the community to create the perfect user environment, with constant developments to provide exactly what users want and need. Currently the Infinity Wallet is one of very few DeFi platforms attempting to bring real value to decentralized finance.

NFT System

In the world of NFT is no longer a gimmick or speculative tool, but has practical functions and high value. Here, NFT not only has rich categories and different functions, but also can be combined or integrated for upgrade. Also, it will have other more scenarios to be revealed. Whether you are a newcomer to NFT or a veteran of trading and collecting NFTs, this place provides you with ample space for experimentation.

webglobe Weley is a swap, or a place for NFT trading and use. Moreover, it is a vast world, a meta-universe in the early stage of construction. More functions are waiting to be announced in the future. Each part of the ecosystem is interrelated. The tokens or NFTs you hold may have a new value in the next stage.

Community Resolution

After the smooth operation of the project, community governance will be gradually carried out. In the early stage, it will be promoted by the project founding team. Then later, the proposal will be initiated and voted through snapshot, and then governance will be carried out with a more standardized DAO. 10% of the block output will be used as the project development fund, with an published and track able address by the whole community. webglobe fund is used to pay for the audits, operations and cooperation expenses to ensure the rapid progress of the project.

Governance policy

The webglobe Metaverse community belongs to all users. The participation, support and enthusiasm of users determine the final appearance and scale of this world. Of course, the community will also repay users with growth. As a community project, all Weley Metaverse tokens of Weleys are distributed in a fair launch way, in addition to setting aside a portion tokens for initial liquidity, no investors and no pre-mining. The output and distribution of tokens are completely transparent. See “Tokenomics” for details.

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