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Webdock Web Hosting Review: The Next Generation Of Virtual Private Servers

About Webdock

Your server will be billed for the remainder of this month, and the first payment will be attempted tomorrow June 14th 2022. Subsequently you will be billed every 1st of the month for a full month of service up-front. Webdock can delete the server at any time and you will receive an instant refund for any unused time down to the day. Read more about Billing & Pricing.

Some Quick Facts Webdock Web Hosting

WebdockBasic Details
Hosting NameWebdock
Call Support+45 6053 1713
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Free SSL Certificates

Get HTTPS security on your sites for free with Webdock using our Lets Encrypt integration. If you are paying for your certificates today, maybe it’s time for a change.

Free Transactional Emailing

Webdock offers free transactional emailing with Postmark. Take advantage of bulletproof delivery and the awesome reporting of Postmark to keep track of all your outgoing mail. They pick up the bill.

Free Email Forwarding

This offers free email forwarding with ImprovMX. If you don’t need a fully fledged mailbox, this is a quick and easy way to start receiving emails on your domain(s).

Next Generation VPS Hosting

Feel The LXD Difference

With your Containerized VPS Servers powered by LXD and your high hardware limits, you will experience speed and performance like you have never seen before in a VPS Server.

Instant Scaling Near Instant Reboots

Your VPS Servers are extremely snappy and reboot in seconds and you can scale your hardware up or down almost instantly and typically without any downtime whatsoever.

Mature & Highly Secure

Container technology was originally invented to secure shared hosting environments and has today evolved into a highly secure framework which in your implementation provides as secure and segregated an environment as traditional virtual machines.

99% Compatibility

Your container-based VPS Servers are 99% compatible with almost all web applications and software with very few exceptions. Webdock servers fully support Docker and LXD for fast deployment of your own containerized applications.

You Don’t Just Get An Awesome VPS

Web has strong Scandinavian genes in your company culture. That means they design things with care and precision. That means quality is never something which should be questioned. That means treat your customers with the same care and respect they would want for ourselves.

Transparent, honest and competent support

At Webdock pride ourselves in providing world-class support and actually solving your problems. You can be certain that if you need your help you will be met with a smile and a high level of expertize. They will do your very best to solve your problem for you outright or at the very least assist you in figuring it out, whatever it may be.

Fully Documented “World-Famous” Perfect Server LAMP & LEMP stacks

Your “World Famous” Perfect Server Stacks are on the cutting edge and fully documented so that you always know exactly how your server is configured. They always have the latest stable, production ready, software versions in your stacks, and your stacks are tested in real-life production environments. That means that when you create a server with you get a server which is ready to go in a production environment and you will typically not need to change any nifty gritty web server settings.

Scaling, Speed, Backups & Monitoring Where It Matters

At Webdock they have 24/7 Monitoring of your customer servers. They keep an eye out and warn you if they see any anomalous activity such as hacks of your website and help you determine the cause and find a resolution.

Performance Guaranteed

At Web they have no problem with going as far as actually issuing you with a Performance Guarantee. With your high limits, bare-metal speeds and active balancing you can be confident that your VPS will have the power to perform.

Instant Scaling

Scale your Web server in an instant and typically without any downtime whatsoever. If you have particular requirements for your server it is easy to order additional hardware capacity such as more disk space, RAM, CPU, IP Addresses and more.

Lots of backups

Webdock provides more backup snapshots than most. With 2 daily and 3 weekly snapshots in addition to your own 3 snapshot slots for each server, you have plenty of history to roll back to. Restoring a snapshot to a live server is snappy with minimal downtime. Web snapshots are true snapshots in the sense that they capture an exact disk image at the time of snap shorting.

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