What Is Wayki Chain (WICC)? Complete Guide Review About Wayki Chain.

What Is Wayki Chain (WICC)?

What Is Wayki Chain (WICC)?

The developer community is one of the most important components of Wayki ecosystem. In 2019, Wayki Chain will make every endeavor to build and develop-friendly communities and provide support to worldwide developers who are enthusiastic about blockchain technology. They believe that together they can build Wayki ecosystem and a brand new future enabled by blockchain.

Wayki Chain is launching a Developer Incentive Program and inviting all developers to join in. Developers from all over the world can participate in the program to contribute to Wayki community and earn corresponding bonuses. The program will provide $50,000 worth of WICC as inventive bonuses and include multiple tasks for developers from different levels to select.

You can get the task only if we confirm your proposal. Chain does not provide specified themes or types of DApp. Developers can refer to the DApps on the current market which has a massive amount of daily active users (DAU 1,000+ or ranking top 20 on Dapp Radar would be preferred).

Wayki Chain Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWayki Chain
Short NameWICC
Circulating Supply210,000,000.00 WICC
Total Supply210,000,000
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The Aim of Bug Bounty

Wayki Chain Bug Bounty aims to improve the security of Chain. Locate and report the potential bugs and vulnerabilities of Chain public chain. Chain will provide rewards ranging from $150 – $12,000 worth of Tokens based on the severity of the bugs. Chain will check in your database to confirm if they have received the same bug report before. If the bug has been reported before, they will notify the reporter and provide related proof. If the bug does not exist in your database, and the report is logically valid, Wayki will reply to confirm that they have received the report and begin to verify the bug.

They will verify the bug discovery process based on the report. If the bug is confirmed to be invalid, Chain will notify the reporter about the result. If the bug is confirmed to be valid, Wayki will fix the bug and update the deployment, and send corresponding bounty to the reporter.

WaykiChain Developer Incentive Program Result Announcement

On Jan 29, 2019, Wayki Chain started the Developer Incentive Program with a total reward of $50,000 worth of WICC. During the two-month program, they have received a lot of attention and collected 109 submissions for the tasks from the candidates from over 29 countries and regions. Thanks for all of the developers and community members for your hard work and support! After evaluating all the submissions, they are very honored to announce the winners below.

What is WaykiChain?

By fully integrating the features and advantages of blockchain’s decentralization such as irreversibility and fairness, Wayki Chain aims to build the blockchain 3.0 commercial public chain, provide enterprise-level blockchain infrastructure and industry solutions, and create a new business model in the new era. Taking the betting industry as an entry point to amass users, WaykiChain will gradually develop business like assets with trading and foreign exchange trading, and ultimately become a “Big Platform” and “Big Ecosystem”.

On May 13th, 2018, Chain public chain is officially launched and in operation. The Wayki Wallet DApp has been updated to v2.1.3. It is the first betting application based on blockchain technology holding three betting games ”Football Betting”, “Basketball Betting” and “Chain Betting”.

What is WaykiChain decentralized betting application?

This decentralized betting application is the first smart contract application launched by team. Each bet is triggered by the application developer via a smart contract. During the period specified in the contract, the users can initiate betting transactions, and all betting records can be traced on the blockchain browser and can never be tampered with. The smart contract will automatically reward the winners based on the final result.

They will use smart contracts to automatically execute the game rule on its public chain. Instead of relying on trust between people, Chain betting application adopts trust among machines to save credit costs, and guarantees full compliance with the rules and setting. Besides the Chain Official team, the developers of the decentralized applications can be any other third-party. Chain welcomes all developers to join.