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What Is Watchmen (WTM)? Complete Guide Review About Watchmen.

What Is Watchmen (WTM)?

Watchmen applications respond to vulnerability ties that may occur off chain, on-chain, and on-chain. The network acts as a base. Layer that bridges the divide between blockchains, creating a secure DeFi ecosystem. WTM soldiers exist across blockchains linking different protocols and It enables blockchain interoperability by allowing them to talk to each other. Blockchains are great for securely storing valuable data, but not for connecting that data to others. chains or welds are difficult .

The basic node layer external smart contracts to securely perform complex calculations at zero gas cost off -chain computing. WTM will deliver high-speed performance to common blockchain projects. The principle of “data on demand” was essential to become industry leaders in their field. Using truly decentralized oracles and cross-chain bridges has never been easier or easier. trustworthy.

Watchmen Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWatchmen
Short NameWTM
Circulating Supply5.00B WTM
Total Supply5,000,000,000
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Running A Node

Users can play an active role in the WTM node network by running their own nodes. Them are encouraged to do so through a reward system. Nodes provide coverage as insurance
for the data they sign and to provide the infrastructure that makes this possible For heavy computation work to be handled in the muon network. calculation off-chain is done on the nodes themselves and the data is then transferred to the chain.

Because Watchmen is highly configurable and dApps can specify a wide variety of requirements, No special hardware is required to run a WTM node. For a node to qualify While receiving requests from all dApps in the WTM network, Hardware solution with enough computing power to meet the most demanding needs.

Subsequent Consensus

The secret of Watchmen impressive features (speed, molecularity, unreliability) is, the way in which consensus was reached and how it was evaluated on a transaction basis. With WTM, any type of computation can be done on a set of data and then forwarded to the destination chain destination. Basic understanding of the layers built upon blockchains are the way to reliably transmit said data, and The common way to pass Oracle data to a chain is as follows:

  1. Node performs or transfers computational tasks.
  2. The result is completed with signature and sent to the node cluster
  3. The node set verifies the validity of all provided signatures (and data fields).
    If applicable pass data to blockchain/contract. If invalid punish/slash node (in general conversation) and try again. Validation process in your solution. The transaction has been sent to the blockchain. By this logic, Muon nodes. Much more efficient than traditional methods of interacting with blockchains.


A Borrower may collaborate with Auditors to obtain approval to establish Borrower Pools when they are not legitimate. The first protection is one of the Unique Entity Control Sybil attack where Rogue Auditors are created pro grammatically. second guard Auditors must have shares of WTM withheld if they vote different from the majority. Auditors The third protection is the random selection of Auditors, weighted according to their weight. It has put Watchmen at risk, so substantial upfront capital needs to be invested. elected enough to distort the votes.

Watchmen The fourth protection is that anyone can make a claim. ratification at any time would therefore require collusion for all potential future votes. just one. Finally, even if a fraudulent debtor successfully colluded with the Auditors, they also need to persuade many Supporters to risk their own capital.

Use of the Token

In addition to the benefits of the token holders mentioned above, the Watchmen token powers your ecosystem with multiple uses and payments:

*Passive income from the transaction fees
*Purchase of NFTs
*Marketing and promotion in the ecosystem
*Tipping the adult content creators Unlike other adult entertainment platforms, WTM is the only platform that provides its users with the ability to use the tokens to purchase adult content.

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