What Is wanLINK (WANLINK)? Complete Guide Review About wanLINK.

What Is wanLINK (WANLINK)?

What Is wanLINK (WANLINK)?

With respect to the privacy and security of personal information, we will use the information in compliance with wanLINK legal obligations, government requests, and reasonable user-generated inquiries. In cases where it is strictly necessary, such as to protect the vital interests of the Users or other natural persons, to fulfill the purpose of public interest, to pursue your reasonable interests, they may process your personal information without your consent.

Except for the situations stated in this Privacy Policy or the TOU, they will not disclose or provide any of your personal information to third parties without a review from your legal team and/or prior consent from the User. They continuously monitor activity information within your systems and your communications with users to look for and quickly fix problems.

wanLINK Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamewanLINK
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply210,000,000
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Open Finance is Currently Broken

Blockchain technology is rapidly changing the world as wanLINK know it, but public and private blockchain networks are still operating in isolation. Open Finance must be connected. Open finance is enabling financial freedom, empowerment, and connectedness that they’ve never experienced in history. They seek to accelerate this change through global connectivity.

Multi-Blockchain Financial Superhub

Wanchain is the world’s most advanced blockchain interoperability platform. Wanchain is connecting all isolated public and private blockchains to allow flow of the world’s digital assets and data. They know they can’t achieve your vision alone. They are building out a powerful network of top technology partners, decentralized finance applications, and industry-leading consortia.

For Measurement, Research and Development Purposes

wanLINK actively measure and analyze data to understand the way you use and interact with Marsan Exchange Services. This review activity is conducted by your operation teams to continually improve your Platforms’ performance and to resolve issues with the user experience. In addition, they use such information to customize, measure, and improve Marsan Exchange Services and the content and layout of your websites and apps, and to develop new services.

To Communicate with You

This coins use personal information collected, like your phone number or email address to interact with you directly when providing customer support on a ticket or to keep you informed on logins, transactions, account security and other aspects. Without collecting and processing your personal information for confirming each communication, they will not be able to respond to your submitted requests, questions, and inquiries.

All direct communications are properly kept at Marsan Exchange or the service provider designated by Marsan Exchange, to be reviewed for accuracy, to be kept as evidence, or to be used to perform other statutory or contractual obligations.

To Enforce Your TOU and Other Agreements

The collected information is also used to continually and actively enforce your TOU and other agreements with your Users, including but not limited to reviewing, investigating, and preventing any potentially prohibited or illegal activities that may violate the foregoing provisions, or disclose the relevant information to a third party in accordance therewith.

Marsan Exchange reserves the right to suspend or terminate provision of any Marsan Exchange Services to any User found to be engaged in activities that violate your TOU and other agreements with our Users.


If wanLINK think you may like specific Marsan Exchange Services or products and services of your partners, we hope to keep you informed about such products or services. If you agree to receive the above marketing information, you can choose to receive it at any time in the future.

You have the right to ask at any time to stop contacting you for marketing purposes or to send relevant information to you. If you do not want to be contacted for marketing purposes in the future, please click on the unsubscribe link in the bottom of the marketing email and submit your request to unsubscribe.

Technical Measures

Encryption technology such as PCI Scanning and Secured Sockets Layered Encryption may be used to transmit and store your personal information. wanLINK use various currently available general security technologies and supporting management systems to minimize the risks that your information may be disclosed, damaged, misused, accessed without authorization, disclosed without authorization, or altered.