Vulcanforged Ico Review – Harnessing the power of Vulcan

About Vulcanforged

Vulcanforged has grown from a small digital art NFT platform to a multi-dApp platform, game studio, launchpad and a top 5 volume NFT marketplace. Vulcan Forged has grown from a small digital art NFT platform to a multi-dApp platform, game studio, launchpad and a top 5 volume NFT marketplace. Second only to Walmart, they are the busiest client on the VeChain Network but moving to Polygon. They have gone from a few users to thousands with over $6m in NFT trading volume, 10 games and the upcoming launch of their next-generation virtual world: VulcanVerse.

Vulcanforged is already an established non-fungible token (NFT) game studio, marketplace and dApp incubator with 10+ games, a 2,000+ community and top 5 NFT marketplace volume.
Thus, the PYR economy is designed to fill numerous use-cases in need of their own token. Some of our games, specifically the upcoming VulcanVerse, have specific terminologies and can be
understood in more depth by visiting any of our social media channels

Vulcanforged Key Information

Token NameVulcanforged
Token TypeERC-20 Etherium Blockchain
Initial Token Price1 token = 1.06 USD
Soft CapTBD
Hard Cap$ 5740000
Token TypeUtility ,Polygon
Token SymbolPYR
Ending dateTBD
Starting dateMarch 20th, 2021
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Vulcanforged

Vulcanforged Ico Review - Harnessing the power of Vulcan


Vulcanforged has grown from a small digital art NFT platform to a multi-dApp platform, game studio, launchpad and a top 5 volume NFT marketplace. Second only to Walmart, they are the busiest client on the VeChain Network, moving from a few users to thousands with just under $3m in NFT trading volume. Their AAA fantasy decentralized universe VulcanVerse, backed by fighting-fantasy authors and award-winning studios, sold out in days and has already entered alpha gameplay.

Vulcan Forged prides itself on removing gas and crypto for game developers using their platform and offers support to any third-party with a simple idea wanting to turn it into reality. Community members have gone onto making their games with ground-up support, including Coddle Pets, Block Babies and GeoCats.

Games and Applications

Vulcan’s BVI Company (Vulcan Forged LTD) will be the token issuer to hold and thereafter sell
the digital tokens for the ILO, while the Vulcan Foundation based in Singapore will be the
governance and public-facing entity providing the platform for marketing, community
development, overseeing game development and overall operations.

PYR Token

The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of the Vulcan.Forged platform (PYR) is a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the protocol/code of the Vulcan. Forged platform, and which is designed to be used solely as an interoperable utility token on the platform and across different game environments. PYR Token is an ERC20 token to be ported to Matic.

As the native platform currency, PYR will play the role of the settlement medium, staking (for privileges) and gaming utility token within the entire Vulcan Forged ecosystem. For example, a user could purchase assets of VulcanVerse from PYR token rewards earned by winning a game of Berserk, Block Babies or Coddle Pets.

  • Play-to-Earn
  • Reward pools
  • Staking
  • Frenzy (Game Tournament Pools)
  • Basic attention token
  • Community incentives

Reward Pools

Vulcanforged Foundation will fund two PYR reward pools, with 10M initial tokens, released over a 24 month period. One pool is the ‘LAVA Pool’ (Play-to-earn) and the other a Staking Pool. Along with the foundation’s contributions, the pools will be added to four ways (for now), each time equally divided between the two:

1) 10% of the fee taken from every Vulcan Marketplace transaction will go into the pools.
2) 10% of every fee taken from direct asset sales (Berserk cards, or Vulcanites for example) will go into both pools.
3) 50% of every upgrade fee for land, Titans and Olympians will go into both pools.
4) 10% of every prize pool and tournament fee setup in the Frenzy game platform will go into both pools.

LAVA and Play-to-Earn

Vulcanforged has a plethora of games, and is expanding at a rapid rate. However, an ecosystem needs users, games need players, and play-to-earn models are proving successful across the gaming industry. They reward users with LAVA CRYSTALS, an off-chain value linked to wallets, by simply playing and engaging with any Vulcan Forged made or hosted game. They are allocating 10% of the entire PYR supply into the LAVA (Play-to-earn) pool, over a period of 24 months.

  • Win matches in any Vulcan Forged games e.g. Berserk, Block Babies, Forge Arena, Chess
  • Explore giant Virtual World VulcanVerse (measured in time played, or distance covered)
  • Trade regularly in the Vulcan Market Place
  • Upgrade your VulvanVerse land, Titans or Olympians
  • Receive ‘Appreciations’ of your land in VulcanVerse
  • Snapshot your land, or current rankings to blockchain


PYR tokens are required to be locked-up and staked within the ecosystem in order to receive privileges and gain access to exclusive functions/levels/upgrades/areas within the gaming ecosystem. One example of this is within the VulcanVerse Virtual World, where each plot has 7 levels (in addition to payments of PYR to pay for the upgrades, tokens need to be locked-up and staked to access and retain each level up, which brings better in-game tools and benefits). As a reward for these positive actions, users are entitled to receive PYR tokens from the Staking (Reward) pool.

Game Dev Crowdfunding

Vulcanforged will allow users to fund the operations of third party game developers within the Vulcan ecosystem, via a liquidity pool for developer grants. Vulcan Foundation will retain a small margin of the interest rate on those loans (in PYR) and pass the remaining to the original liquidity providers. Interest in the trade financing protocol will be payable in PYR tokens, and the entire process will be automated by secondary smart contracts.

Attention Token Utility

While not the main function of the PYR token, it still can be used as a pure medium of promoting new users to any Vulcan dApp by rewarding them with loyalty points in the form of PYR tokens, and also bring financing to third party dApps. Advertisers are given options of paying in PYR tokens and/or locking up these tokens for the period of advertising.

Titans and Olympians

Titans and Olympians are DYNAMIC NFT companions. That means their look and level can change depending on the amount of PYR locked into them. They are your companions across
the entire Vulcan Forged ecosystem and offer numerous benefits. In order to ‘age’ one of the 12
Titans or one of the 12 Olympians, you must nurture them with PYR along with a fee per
upgrade. 50% of that fee will go to the reward pools.