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Vpsserver Web Hosting Review: Start Your Free Trial Now.

About Vpsserver

Software developers, innovative startups, eCommerce companies, and other businesses and users will gain a performance advantage. Windows and Linux VPS web hosting enables secure, ultra-reliable, and flexible cloud computing and scalability. As your bandwidth, disk space, and other computing needs grow for all your websites, your VPS hosting grows with you. You can configure your server, add software, use your preferred operating system and VPS control panel, backup your data, and install your own security patches. You will have your own IP address from which you can secure your domain name and grow as many websites as you want.

Vpsserver offers a 7-day free trial for your virtual private server with root access. After your free trial has ended, you can terminate your contract at any time- no commitment is required. They have data centers located in over 15 countries in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Australia. They are regularly opening new centers to reduce latency. For example, they have recently opened one in Seattle, the United States, to expand your virtual server infrastructure.

You have to buy your domain name and email service separately for your IP address. You can have more than one domain name, but each name comes with its own registration price. VPS hosting is an isolated part of a physical dedicated server with its own resource such as a processor, memory and disk space.

Some Quick Facts Vpsserver Web Hosting

VpsserverBasic Details
Hosting NameVpsserver
Price$ 3,99 /MO
Email SupportN/A
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Vpsserver Price

Who Owns My Server Data?

Setting up an account takes a matter of minutes. You need only supply Vpsserver with your email and choose a password and the process will begin. You will then be able to instantly activate your VPS server once your registration has been completed and will have full root access to begin the VPS configuration. With your VPS hosting services, you are the sole owner of your data. does not access your data and online assets. It is not like shared hosting or web hosting. See your usage policy for details.

Virtual machines

The concept of shared hosting is like all the people in a stadium watching a sports event. VPS hosting is like the people who buy their own box seats, separate from everyone else. Vpsserver still at the same stadium, but they have complete control over their environment. The process of breaking up a physical server into virtual machines is called server virtualization. With VPS hosting, you get total server admin privilege, which is essential without the ovhcloud control panel.

Other sites could also be affected by a shared hosting account because they share the same physical hardware resources. A ‘hypervisor’ makes it possible for multiple guest operating systems to share the same server or cloud server infrastructure, so each user has complete independence to configure their virtual machine environment. They run a regular billing service (based on the VPS ram and disk space plan) and take payments on the first day of each month for the VPS service. You’ll continue to pay on the same date each month, based on your previous month’s virtual server usage.

Operating system

Vpsserver have over 50 templates operating system (OS) and many resources to support them. They also support all major OSs on your virtual private server services, including Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, and others. You can even use cPanel and Plesk as a control panel to set up your custom configuration. Is your preferred OS not on the list? Just ask your VPS hosting team for assistance. Each virtual machine is isolated from the other and managed by a hypervisor to maximize server performance for all operating systems with dedicated server resources. If you are unsure which hosting plan is right for you, contact directly for help, and ask for fully managed hosting.

Virtual private servers

There is no one-size-fits-all virtual private server configuration. It depends on your specific business and hosting needs. Have lots of videos? You’ll need more disk space and ram to get the browsing experience your visitors will expect. Doing a lot of financial transactions? Securing your customers’ privacy and information will be critical. Remember, you can scale up your plan at any time if you decide it does not meet your needs. It is not like shared hosting or web hosting. They are providing virtual private servers with root access. Your web server hosting is better than shared hosting with your SSD (NVMe) storage included.

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