What Is Voxies (VOXEL)?

What Is Voxies (VOXEL)? Complete Guide Review About Voxies.

What Is Voxies (VOXEL)?

The purpose of this Voxies Tactics whitepaper is to educate the reader regarding how the Voxie Tactics game will function and how potential players can earn VOXEL tokens and NFTs within the game. It is meant to make participants aware of our plans at Always Geeky Games Inc. for Voxie Tactics and the VOXEL Token, including how players will earn rewards, enjoy different game modes and use the marketplace. The whitepaper is for informational purposes only and does not represent a commitment by Always Geeky Games Inc. to any current or future functionality of the game or the VOXEL Token documented in this whitepaper.

The reader understands and acknowledges that by purchasing the VOXEL Token, they are taking on significant risk, and that the token may have no value in the future for a variety of reasons. No purchases of the VOXEL Token will be refunded or exchanged by Always Geeky Games Inc. should purchasers become disenchanted with their acquisition or incur financial loss. There is no guarantee that the utility of the VOXEL Token will meet the reader’s expectations.

Do not purchase VOXEL Tokens with funds that you cannot afford to lose. Purchasers of our token assume all risks pertaining to any potential loss of value from the time of purchase, and recognize that the token’s realized functionality may never achieve the proposed functionality documented in this whitepaper. This whitepaper is not soliciting readers to purchase VOXEL Tokens.

Voxies Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameVoxies
Short NameVOXEL
Circulating Supply50,200,000.00 VOXEL
Total Supply300,000,000
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What is Voxie Tactics

Voxies Tactics is a retro-styled tactical RPG that is heavily influenced and inspired by the vein of classical 1990s and early 2000s tactics games, but with some modern twists sprinkled in and some updated gameplay mechanics to make the game feel both nostalgic and modern at the same time. The game features 2 core gameplay modes – Exploration and Battling, as well as lots of ancillary RPG gameplay mechanics that you would expect from any Role-Playing Game.


The exploration mode is presented as a story driven experience that will allow the players to freely explore the world of Voxie Tactics and encounter many different types of adventuring experiences as you uncover the backstory of the game and explore the vibrant world. There are many hidden surprises to uncover as you play and explore, and multiple different ways you can approach different problems you will undoubtedly encounter in the world. We look forward to players exploring the world we have created for Voxie Tactics and uncovering the mysteries contained within.


The battling aspect of the game will take place in specific battle arenas and will be turn-based with characters moving around a 3d tile based map and using their multitude of different actions to try and satisfy certain battle conditions, such as defeating all enemies in a battle. The battle gameplay will be nuanced and complex as it represents an ever growing challenge to your wits, but will be explained to the player in a progressive manner so not to overwhelm new players during the beginning of the game.

Your motto for Voxie tactics is very much “Easy to get into, but hard to master” and they have used this motto throughout your development and to make key decisions . Therefore they believe we are presenting your players with complex and deep strategy that will allow them to keep coming back for more and more, but gameplay that is still accessible to all ranges of players.

Voxie Tactics is a Free to Play game

Players will head into battles with parties made up of anywhere between 2 and 7 Voxies; battling monsters, bandits, evil-doers and even other players in your PVP modes. There are many different tactics and deep RPG strategies that can be employed by the player to overcome the various challenges in battle areas.

Voxies Tactics is a Free to Play game, but the game allows players to bring their own Voxies character that they own from the Voxies NFT project across into the game, for additional benefits to the gameplay, as well as customize the playable experience tailored to the Voxie characters that the player owns. You can read more about the different mechanisms related to owning Voxies characters in other parts of this whitepaper.