Virtual Reality Games Ico Review – Ultimate VR Experience to Video Gamers

Virtual Reality Games

About Virtual Reality Games

The Virtual Reality Games is running successfully, proving the soundness of a business idea. It provides a strong proof of concept for all the ICO investors. Inspired by the success of existing VR arcades, they want to raise money with the help of an ICO, which has emerged as an efficient and fast way to raise money for new age entrepreneurial ventures. Virtual Reality Games Company is now going to launch the real physical asset-backed ICO.

Virtual Reality Games Key Information

Token NameVirtual Reality Games
ICO start1st Mar 2018
ICO end1st Jul 2018
Price in ICO1.0000 USD
Tokens for sale500,000
Token TypeERC-20
Token SymbolVIR
Soft cap500,000 USD
Hard capETH, BTC
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The Game Change Team Behind Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality Games Ico Review - Ultimate VR Experience to Video Gamers

A compny Problem

Virtual Reality Games Company is doing innovation in the financial practices of the gaming industry with the launch of VR Games Token (VIR), the fully real asset-backed digital currency. At present, the market size of the worldwide game industry is $109 billion in total revenue. There are 2.2 billion gamers world-wide. With the introduction of VIR token as the cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality Games Company will be uniquely positioned to utilize its token in combination with its gaming and VR arcade chain to solve the problems hampering the gaming industry.


Virtual Reality Games is a digital currency based on the blockchain technology and ERC20 standard for use in smart contracts. VIR is both a digital currency and a real asset-backed financial instrument. One of the purposes of VIR is to become the universal currency with which the gamers or businesses, particularly in the gaming industry, can carry out online transactions and various other activities. It can also facilitate transactions between the digital currency users on a worldwide basis, breaking the barriers imposed by national or territorial boundaries.

A company Vision

The Virtual Reality Games Company business model is based on the revenues and profits from its gaming and VR arcade chain. The revenue will also be generated from various other sources like franchise fees, advertisements, merchandise and so on. VR Games Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be launched in March 2018. The total supply is 500,000 tokens worth $500,000 USD. They will market the ICO on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges and websites. An impressive advertising and publicity campaign will be undertaken to ensure amazing success of the ICO.

Virtual Reality Games team, comprising of experienced gaming industry professionals, is committed to achieve the targets and milestones as per the given roadmap. They will make all possible efforts to increase the value of VIR token in the future. The main attractions of VIR token will be the real physical assets to back it and high returns to the investors through profits and capital appreciation in the value of VIR tokens.

A company Future

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