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vhostweb Web Hosting Review: Web Hosting on the cloud.

About vhostweb

vhostweb is a virtual server service where you can login and manage it on this virtual server as if it were your own. Where you can access the server as root access in Linux systems and administrator access to the server in Windows systems via Remote Desktop The web host performs the installation of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) as standard for Linux and Windows Server. 2019 Standard for Windows systems. Customers can let us install other options according to their needs.

Customers can choose to install the leading Plesk control panel. For the convenience of managing the website as well. A VPS is a virtual machine (VM) just like the Cloud, except it’s a VM that is setup on a single server, not as many other VMs as in the Cloud. It’s ideal for customers who don’t need Cloud features and want an affordable price. Users must be careful, supervised and must not use the Internet network system in accordance with this application.

Some Quick Facts vhostweb Web Hosting

vhostwebBasic Details
Hosting Namevhostweb
Email SupportN/A
Call Support061-123-3390
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


vhostweb Price

Security system

In a way that causes the infringement of the rights of other people, regardless of whether that other person uses the file security system to protect it or not. And the user must not distribute the information, images, information or images of other people widely distributed without the permission of the owner. vhostweb any action of the user causing damage to other persons The user is solely responsible. Users must not send/receive any messages, data, images or signal codes. that is against the law or is contrary to the resolutions of the Cabinet, policies, rules, regulations, orders or announcements of the regulatory agencies or is contrary to public order and good morals or is a threat to national security.

Computer network systems

Users must be careful and do not take any action. to the Internet network to invade other computer systems whether in the company’s own network and/or other computer network systems that users are not allowed to access and the user must maintain the confidentiality of the access code. of the user as well Not to be used by outsiders. vhostweb parties shall not be held liable in the event of failure to comply with this application. If the inability to comply with caused by force majeure which is beyond the control of the contracting party and is an event that cannot be prevented Although reasonable precautions have been taken.

In the event that the user agrees to apply for more than one application with the company or service account, if the user breaches the agreement or defaults on debt payment according to the application or service account, it shall be deemed to be a breach of the agreement in the application or other service accounts that have been made with the company and the company has the right to terminate All applications or service accounts Every application or service account and has the right to suspend service according to every application or service account.

Services under this Application

During the service period under this application or an extended period of time The user will not assign the rights or obligations under this application to any other person without the Company’s prior written consent and if such consent has been obtained The user will pay for all services under this application and perform all the obligations of the user and will notify the transferee and agree to comply with the terms and conditions in this application.

The user consents and gives the company the right to record personal data for use in the administration of the service. Access to such information is available only to the Company. vhostweb disclosure to outsiders except in cases where the Company has been ordered by a court or law enforcement. The User grants the right to save personal information in a public Internet database, which the Company will keep confidential and use it to register a domain name for the User only.

Government Regulations

vhostweb Company has the right to amend these terms and conditions of use at any time. The terms or conditions are effective 1 month after the agreement. If the customer does not agree or agree to the terms, the contract can be terminated when the terms come into force. Unless amendments to these terms or conditions are made to comply with government regulations or ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

vhostweb the event that any provision in this application is or is deemed to be invalid or invalid, provide various requirements The remainder of this application remains in effect and remains complete and without prejudice to the validity of those remaining provisions any disputes Concerning this application for service shall be governed by Thai law.

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