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What Is Versus Farm (VERSUS)? Complete Guide Review About Versus Farm.

What Is Versus Farm (VERSUS)?

Versus Farm is a play to earn platform built on Binance Smart Chain. Versus mission is to provide users with multiple options to make profit, including active and passive earnings. Active players can earn while playing liquidity games and complete quests for additional rewards. To get even more out of the ecosystem, users can passively earn BNB rewards by holding VERSUS – the native token of the platform.

Salary Eco Finance also maintains a buyback reserve wherein the tokens are converted into Binance Coin ($BNB) and securely locked and stored in the SLR contract. This BNB is then used for strategic buybacks – the contract buys Salary Token – thus creating volume, rewards, and positive price action. This means holders of $SLR continuously receive a higher overall share of the rewards being distributed.

Versus Farm Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameVersus Farm
Short NameVERSUS
Circulating Supply450,000.00 VERSUS
Total Supply780,000
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Liquidity Games

Liquidity Games is a brand new way of making profits. Each game is a unique custom-built protocol with its own rules and reward system. Users are competing against each other and only they can determine the outcome of each game. Outcome isn’t determined based on any random event or third party performance. Such an approach along with blockchain technologies makes Versus Farm completely decentralized and transparent.

The Salary Mining Token is the first Mining Token with its OWN PHYSICAL Mining-Farm. Unlike other “Farming” projects that stake liquidity, $SLRM participates in high yielding Proof of Work mining – and will utilize equipment that is versatile so as to not be limited to select chains. Profits from mining will be sold and used to purchase $SLR.


“Buy low, sell high” — that is how you profit in crypto world. Usually, the best way to buy a certain token on its lowest price is to enter the project at private sale stage. Unfortunately, that might be quite complicated for regular crypto investor. Versus Launchpad gives Versus Farm holders a unique opportunity to get into new early-staged play-to-earn projects on exclusive terms and conditions. The Salary Debit Card offers cryptocurrency rewards on your spending. It works similarly to a cashback credit card in that it earns a set interest rate, ranging from 1% to 2%, on all purchases you make.

Farming Zone

Interested in passive income? Check out Versus Farming Zone. It is designed in the way to provide VERSUS holders with passive BNB and VERSUS rewards. Variety of farming pools will help users to choose the best farming option that will fit their risk/reward strategy. BNB commissions that are generated out of Liquidity Games will be distributed among Farming Zone participants.

These NFT’s will be a part of the Salary Ecosystem which is growing every day,- just by holding the NFT, the holder will receive rewards from daily trading volume. You can use your NFT character in the Salary-Game on the mobile version or your website. By playing the Salary-Game, you will earn awesome rewards. With each passing level, the benefits will increase.

Platform Rewards

Users can earn rewards just for being active on the platform. Check Dashboard for weekly quests, complete everything on time and get additional bonus. Use your affiliate program to spread the word about Versus Farm and earn generous rewards. Farm is happy to cooperate with influencers, developrs, designer or any other team or individual who are interested in partnership.

Your NFT character is not random – and as such must be purchased directly from SALARY. The NFT’s are divided into 6 different groups, or ranking list (i.e. the higher the ranking, the more rewards that are generated!) The holders of the NFT’s receive automatic rewards depending on the rank/group of their NFT. More information about the NFT collection will be announced.

Versus Token

Games – $VERSUS and $BNB are two main tokens of Liquidity Games ecosystem.

Farming – $VERSUS is used for joining highly lucrative stacking activities in Farming Zone.

Launchpad – $VERSUS holders get a priority access to deals with early-staged projects at Versus Launchpad.

Rewards – $VERSUS is a reward token for games, staking initiatives, referral and community rewards.

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