Verdict Ico Review

Verdict Ico Review – The smartest smart contract framework

About Verdict

The Verdict Network is building a blockchain that boasts an opinionated smart contract framework built to make smart contract development easier. The smart contract framework, dubbed Authority, is similar to using jQuery on top of JavaScript—it abstracts away problem areas and makes application development and life cycle management easier.

Authority also boasts a user interface which non technical users can use to create smart contracts for a wide Verdict of use cases. Hundreds of organizations in the US and dozens in the Seattle area are using Verdict in beta to build their blockchains because Verdict’s technology is well suited for real-world use cases—doing things that chains like Ethereum cannot.

Verdict Key Information

Token NameVerdict
Soft cap3,000,000 USD
Hard cap30,000,000 USD
Distributed in ICO60%
Average price0.35 USD
AcceptingETH, BTC
Token SymbolVRD
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO0.4621 USD
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The Game Change Team Behind Verdict

Verdict Ico Review - The smartest smart contract framework

Decentralized Applications

Current smart contract languages are non-efficacious at modeling highly-complex real-world organizational structures, in part due to their inability to handle principal-agent issues. A highly opinionated smart contract framework could allow developers to easily build and manage these organizational structures by implementing permission-controlled restrict able account and contract types.

Further, Verdict framework could aide in the development, security, interoperability, and maintainability of decentralized applications (dApps) created on the framework, turning imperative ‘tangled-web’ smart contracts into simple, declarative relationships that are simple and easy to understand. The blockchains implementing this framework could boost the productivity and utility of their organizations, allowing new classes of smart contract and blockchain based organizations to emerge.

Secured communication

Private communications were not meant to be subject to surveillance, rather it was designed to make one’s life easier: to share information, to communicate with each other, to remain oneself. Verdict are glad to introduce a completely new solution for local and international calls including limitless roaming. Tor-q-all was designed to make you unchained to local operators and big brother. remain yourself on the phone without fear of being monitored and tracked down by anyone, and be sure of pricing when surfing internet during vacation at country-side or abroad.

Borderless communication

Stay tuned wherever you are. More than 195 countries for the same price. Unlimited calls and moderate pricing for secured (VPN) internet connection of just USD 30 / 1 Gb. TOR-Q-ALL provides numerous features in order to secure your calls, inter alia, an option to choose call services provider, change your voice, setup your caller’s I.D. and make/receive calls a resident of London or New York, or any other place. All incoming calls are routed as VPN-calls.

Onion routing

In order to cover tracks all local outgoing calls are routed first to another country, where it is lost due to Verdict tor-alike technology, and eventually the call is returned back. And all of these in a snap of a finger. This current build will not be hindered by any of these additions. A Technology Protects Election Data Against Intervention From Any Third Party That Would Seek To Subvert The Election Process, Including Verdict.

Verdict service

Verdict phase 2 of operations, They will also bring security and capability of the Blockchain to hardware, merging with technology made popular by Fintech, in to casino cages, table games, player bands and rings, and everything tomorrow’s IoT can deliver. Company will offer a turnkey service to assist in easy implementation by partner Casinos and Sports Books with the least impact upon existing operations.


The Verdict platform is built to address the various pain points experienced by gaming establishments, sports books, and end users/patrons. They are not seeking to re-invent an already well-oiled system, but simply adding a layer of convenience, transparency and safety to it, in the interest of the establishments and patrons. They Developed A Blockchain Solution To Succeed Where Traditional Methods Have Struggled.

Flexibility and security are incredible advantages that will come with the use of a decentralized system such as Verdict. In addition, the Blockchain enables independent, decentralized transactions, giving the users control and freedom over their finances. The End-To-End Verifiable Voting Technology Eradicates Fraud And Corruption By Creating A Complete, Auditable, Un disputable, Open And Transparent Record Of The Election On A Custom Blockchain.