What Is vena (VENA)?

What Is vena (VENA)? Complete Guide Review About vena.

What Is vena (VENA)?

As you interact with others through the Smart City Platform, your identities will build up trust. Similar to how trust is important in a human society today, it will be even more important in the digital space going forward. City Chain is planning to support the Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) specification, including implementation of Universal Resolver, Universal Registrar and Identity Hubs.

By implementing these open specifications, you can potentially use your identity on the City Chain, to authenticate across multiple desentralized blockchains and systems.

vena Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Namevena
Short NameVENA
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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As you know already, having a user friendly and easy to use list of contact is very valuable in your daily life. On the Smart City Platform, your contacts will be stored encrypted and securely. They can be connected to identities that exists on the platform, enabling frictionless payments between you, and all your contacts. Simply search for an individual, and make a crypto-currency payment in seconds.

Merchant Framework

vena The merchant framework on the platform is a very important piece of the whole. The platform will enable existing merchants to improve their sales and customer experiences, but the platform will also enable just about anyone, to become a merchant that sells goods and services, both online and offline in the world. Stability is often important for a merchant, so the framework will support the ability to receive payment in the currency of choice by the merchant.

vena If you want to have a local fiat currency, you can do so. If you want a mix of currencies, that is possible too. Integrations with existing web shop frameworks will be added, allowing merchants to easily integrate into the Smart City Platform, while continue to use existing software for online trading. Merchant registry will be part of the merchant framework, and allow citizens to discover the merchants that are available in various cities.

These have metadata registered informing citizens what services are provided, and how payments can be done. vena This enables you as a citizen, to pick providers that use modern technologies such as crypto-currencies, and which merchant that integrates into the Smart City Platform. This enables you to have a more detailed transaction history, than what you otherwise would have.

Voting Framework

Humans often have a need to have their voice heard. Part of that, is the ability to vote on issues of concern. As either a citizen, or employee, vena want to feel they have an impact on major decisions being made. Part of the Smart City Platform, will be the voting framework, which will enable anyone to create voting polls, that will be both transparent, secure and anonymous (if needed).

You as the user of this service, can set and configure how you want to a voting to be executed. The voting framework will be used by the Liberstad Incubator Program (LIP), to allow investors to vote on suggested applications to the incubator program. It will also be used by the City Chain Foundation, allowing individuals who hold City Coins to vote on issues, suggestions and more.

Property Registry

Registry built on blockchain for property registrations will be part of the Smart City Platform, likely through integration with other existing blockchains built for the specific purpose of property registrations. There are already governments that have started using blockchain for property registrations, and what is important on the Smart City Platform, is for citizens to be able to see their properties and all the details that belongs to it.

Vehicle Registry

As an owner of vehicles, you will be able to register your vehicles on the City Hub. Integration with either/or both the VINchain and carVertical will ensure that you, have access too all the relevant details and history of your vehicles. Insurance is an important part of a modern society, helping individuals, families and business survive the unforeseen.

vena There are existing established and under development, insurance-platforms on blockchain technologies. The Smart City Platform will be built with integrations into existing insurance blockchain platforms, allowing citizens and others to get insurance coverage easy and seamless. Etherisc and Insurepal are two potential platforms for insurance integration.