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What Is Vectorium? (VECT) Complete Guide Review About Vectorium.

What Is Vectorium?

Vectorium coin is a cutting edge project, powered by blokchain technology and AI, aiming to tackle one of the biggest society’s issue, converting waste to coins. There’s a clear and rather alarming trend which takes shape amid the progressing society – the tremendous increase in waste generation. In fact, a 2018 report of the World Bank shows that global waste is expected to grow by a whopping 70% by 2050.

This is caused by the growing population as well as the rapid urbanization. It becomes obvious that urgent actions are needed in order to prevent this from becoming a proper environmental catastrophe. This is where steps into the picture. Launched in 03/01/2020, the CryptoEnergy, is Eco-friendly coin based on blockchain technologies that allow you to store amounts of value. Enhanced with built-in powerful Proof of Stake system.

Vectorium Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameVectorium coin
Short NameVECT
Circulating Supply15,411,499.48 VECT
Total Supply15,411,499
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Why choosing Vectorium?

Ultra rare cryptocurrency using a unique artificial intelligence approach. Green and certified mining oriented. Vectorium has a built-in mining and PoW system which requires solid and stable RAM usage definitely kicking out big ASIC farms. They choosed an high intensity algo in order to maintain high solo mining rewards for little miners:

The goal is to spread the community hash rate to generate a stable income for every user. Allows to vectorize goods, track and store sensitive data directly inside transactions blocks. Sapling and Overwinter allow transactions to be sent faster than ever, implementing a unique feature to privatize users funds without the needs of large wallets stored locally.

Green mining

Local Vectorium coin community miners can apply and receive access keys for solo mining after an audit. Every VECT is certified and produced only with renewable resources

Product tracking

Search for goods and assets data, check for counterfeit products or store data securely.

Buy products

Enter Merchants program and start accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method for your store!


Vectorium islands are locations where the collectivity will be able to produce renewable energy as well as cryptocurrencies. Those places will produce energy combining wind, solar and waste through a virtuous ecosystem which is regulated by AI and blockchain-based technology, all of which follows the Waste to Coin (WtC) process.


Vectorium Flash was born to unleash the full power of blockcahin transactions, at lightning speeds, with a whole new solo mining system they were able to provde a fully distribuited mining process. In this days cryptocurrency mining requires a high electricity cost, above all during a bear market.

Basically Vectorium coin Flash is not a speculations coin but a coin with a fixed valued related to elecrticity. You can burn coin ffor a fix value of electricity generated by a Vectorium Island or a different electricity producer that is part of the Consortium. You can hold your coin for an unlimited time inside yout wallet too.

  • Super fast transactions (less than 0.12 millisecond in order to have your coins confirmed!)
  • Dedicate solo mining system on community pools Born to resist big farms, FPGAs and ASICs pool hoppers
  • Can be burned and converted in actual power (kW)


The Vectorium ELIWIND * equipment , as a new semi-vertical wind system (VAWT Vertical Axis Wind Turbine), are designed and built according to standard IEC EN 61400-1-2 technical standards , with the distinction however that the ELIWIND *technology is patented and secured through several patent extensions worldwide, so it can only be produced by MIT and/or MIT licensees.


Vectorium is going to launch two separate cryptocurrencies. The first one of them is Vectorium Flash and it is the core asset of the Crypto Energy project. It ’s an equihash that’s based on the latest Zcash 2.0 codebase and is mineable for everyone. The second coin is called Plus and it ’s powered by a Proof of Stake system. In 4 years, the plan is for Plus to become corporate equity. It also has a fixed stake rate of 20% annually. Let’s have a closer look at both coins and their intended purposes.