What Is Vanilla? (VNLA) Complete Guide Review About Vanilla.

What Is Vanilla? (VNLA) Complete Guide Review About Vanilla.

What Is Vanilla?

The Vanilla Network was created for the investor and betting enthusiast in all of us. The Vanilla token itself is a deflationary source of value with a transaction cost of 5%, with 50% (2.5%) of this cost returned to stakeholders in the vanilla staking pool. This holds true for buying and selling as well as staking or unstaking in any of the gaming or staking platforms. The online gambling industry is worth an estimated $60 billion with blockchain technology primed to take a large share of this market.

The Vanilla Network aims to become the first casino and gaming platform that returns all rewards back to its stakeholders. The house will truly no longer win, and the Vanilla Network seeks to be the best in class in its field. The premise of this project lies in the production of award-winning staking and betting decentralized applications (dApps) that appeal to all betting enthusiasts, and those seeking rewards for long-term participation as stakeholders. Through use of Blockchain technology, the aim is to produce the first decentralized betting and staking platform in which the house no longer wins. All rewards, therefore, are returned to the consumer.

Vanilla Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameVanilla
Short NameVNLA
Circulating Supply659,925.10 VNLA
Total Supply811,340
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Vanilla Coin Gaming protocols built on Layer-2 solutions provided by Matic Network. Allowing for high speed and low cost transactions, a breakthrough in Blockchain technology.

User Experience

Protocols designed for user adoption and ease of use; despite processes being built on high tech architecture and a complicated framework.


All protocols are built on-chain and therefore remain immutable on the blockchain. All smart contracts audited by renowned blockchain professionals.

All-In-One Defi Platform

Vanilla Fully decentralized platforms provide for the cornerstone of the product offerings. No brokerage fee with all rewards from the games returned to consumers within the ecosystem.

Multiple Platforms

Bespoke Multilayer platforms, permitting wide-ranging consumer choice.

Responsive Support Team

Vanilla Coin On demand team providing instant responses to user queries. Priority ticketing system implemented within all admin panels across all games to aid user experience.

Betting Platform

The Vanilla betting platform allows for holders of the VNLA token to participate in Head-to-Head bets against community members, and also facilitates participation in pool betting scenarios. A user can create an event for a bet to be placed on, provided there is an event start time which can be verified by the platform’s admins.


Vanilla If you are a fan of crypto assets and Texas hold ‘em poker, then the Vanilla poker platform is the place for you! With no rake, and no requirement for the use of USD or other fiat currency, the Blockchain poker fits the bill for all poker and crypto enthusiasts as it is all decentralized!


Blackjack, also known as 21, is a casino card game in which the player’s objective is to obtain a hand as close to but not exceeding the value of 21, and in so doing, beating the dealer’s hand. If the player’s hand exceeds 21 this is known as a ‘bust’ and the player loses their bet.

Head-to-Head Bets

Vanilla Coin Pool betting scenarios will also be available for key sporting events. This will mean any user can place a wager on a particular outcome. At the close of betting, depending on the level of wagers placed on a particular outcome, odds will be generated. For instance, in a boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury; if 20,000 VNLA is placed on Anthony Joshua, and only 5,000 VNLA is place on Tyson Fury; this would mean Tyson Fury’s odds would be 500% whereas Anthony Joshua’s would be calculated at a 25% return. Therefore, if Tyson Fury were to win, anyone who had pooled his or her tokens on this outcome would receive a significant reward.
This innovative design enables gamblers the opportunity to do something never before imagined in sports betting – place a wager receiving odds directly equal to the allocation of public funds. No longer does an outdated, centralized bookmaker dictate the odds the public receives, as your odds are calculated by the exact percentages of money being placed on either side of the pool. By crafting the betting pools in this manner, they are offering rewards on standard bets the consumer has never before seen in this industry.

Staking Pool

The Vanilla revolutionary staking pools have been built for longstanding stakeholders who believe in the protocol, thus enabling us to return value to early investors. The Staking dApps are athematically driven and ensure that high rewards can be offered without draining the community funds; funds which can instead be retained and invested into the infrastructure of the gambling dApps. This will help generate the stability that is required to maintain a healthy and stable ecosystem.

Blockchain Poker

With the non-requirement of a fee to participate in the poker games, this also seeks to be the most profitable platform professional and aspiring poker players can use. All deposits and returns are made in the highly valuable and stable VNLA currency, which can be sold and purchased on various well-renowned exchanges. They initially will be offering sit and go (SNG) tournaments; as well as multi-table tournaments.

Vanilla Coin Which can be accessed through the innovative Vanilla Poker Lobby. This will allow for ease of use and will enable users to find their way to a table that suits their risk tolerance. The online gambling industry is worth an estimated 59 billion dollars. They seek to be the first network to truly decentralize the industry, and in so doing, curtailing the notion that the house always wins.