What Is Valencia CF Fan Token (VCF)?

What Is Valencia CF Fan Token (VCF)? Complete Guide Review About Valencia CF Fan Token.

What Is Valencia CF Fan Token (VCF)?

Valencia CF Fan Token are your digital pass to the teams you love. Unlike normal memberships, Fan Tokens never expire and are yours to keep. Fan Tokens are a form of utility tokens and to acquire them, you must download the Socios.com app, purchase the cryptocurrency, Chiliz ($CHZ.), and exchange this for Fan Tokens. Please note that when it comes to crypto assets (a) the value can go down as well as up; (b) these are unregulated in most places; and (c) tax may be payable by you on any profits made on their sale. Regular in-game currencies are typically acquired through the official site of the game. Users convert their fiat money for the in-game credits.

In this scenario, only the developer has the power to set a specific conversion rate. With SENSO, there are other options. As a cryptographic token, SENSO is featured on top digital asset exchanges worldwide. This enables users to purchase SENSO straight from the open market instead of a single provider. Participants can also purchase SENSO straigh from the Valencia CF Fan Token Galaxy platform using payment cards. The fixed conversion rate is ~$10 per SENSO. This conversion rate is subjected to changes depending on multiple product and market related factors.

Valencia CF Fan Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameValencia CF Fan Token
Short NameVCF
Circulating Supply2,485,043.00 VCF
Total Supply10,000,000
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Here’s how it works

Valencia CF Fan Token is the all-in-one fan influence & rewards app. Influence, play, win and trade Fan Tokens, starting today. Ready-made NFTs can also be purchased directly using SENSO tokens. In this case, users could buy special-edition avatars, clothing items, songs, and other types of content prepared in collaboration with well-known artists and brands.

The Sensorium Galaxy meta verse includes an NFT-dedicated marketplace where users can seamlessly list, exchange, and sell their creations, or purchase those generated by other parties. The marketplace runs entirely on the blockchain and consists of multiple parties users, in-house development unit, and brands/artists.

True ownership

Valencia CF Fan Token With traditional in-game currencies, users can purchase digital items. For instance, a hat. But does that hat really belong to the user? Despite paying a price for it, ownership on those assets remains on the hands of the developer. With SENSO, users can mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that give them true, absolute ownership over certain digital items. One of the key downsides of centralized in-game currencies is the lack of transparency, which exposes users to all sorts of manipulation. SENSO, on the contrary, runs on Ethereum — a reliable, public network. All transactions are recorded on this blockchain. Everyone can access the public ledger at all times.

Non-fungible token (NFT) minting

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are one of the most prominent innovations in the blockchain space. In plain English, NFTs are digital certificates that authenticate ownership rights to a specific digital asset, and allow it to be transferred or sold. Tokens secured by blockchain. These blockchain-based instruments are strongly aligned with the concept of a metaverse and a virtual economy. At Valencia CF Fan Token Galaxy, users can generate their NFTs directly using SENSO to pay for minting costs. These NFTs are available on their Sensorium Galaxy accounts and can be transferred to external wallets if desired.

User-generated & AI-generated content

Whether is music track, a dance choreography, or some sort of painting, the ownership of all digital creations inside Valencia CF Fan Token Galaxy is protected by NFTs. That doesn’t apply only to user-generated content. AI-powered avatars are capable of creating content on their own. If these avatars belong to a user, that content also falls under their control. At Sensorium Galaxy, users can create avatars from scrach, selecting not only their visual appearances, but also customizing their personality. This gives the AI behind each avatar a base to build character with unique attributes. These avatars, as well as all the content they produce, can be safeguarded by NFTs.