Vaintoken (VAIN) Coin Review: It Is Good Or Bad Review 2021

Vaintoken (VAIN) Coin Review: It Is Good Or Bad Review 2021

About Vaintoken

Vaintoken is made by a strong and passionate team that wants the world to be a better and greener place. They have graphic designers, web developers, writers, marketers and all this for a starting project! With Vain being a cryptocurrency, we’ll be looking to donate towards non-profit organizations with a focus on global reforestation, which also accept cryptocurrency donations. Your investment in Vain Token can help create a healthier climate!

Every time Vaintoken Coin hit a goal, they will donate towards a tree planting organization. There’s plenty of environmental charities that are dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world. All by planting trees all over the world! Together as one, the community will decide where the donations go towards. With Vain, we can make a next level change!

Vaintoken Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Vaintoken Coin
Short Name VAIN
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply999,999,999,999,998
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To View Explorers
TwitterClick Here To Visit
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project Website Click Here To Visit Project Website

How To Buy.

  1. Download Metamask or use an existing wallet. Head to and download their wallet to your phone or chrome/firefox browser.
  2. Add the BSC network to your metamask. Open the metamask extention and open up “Main Network”, select “Custom RPC” and put in the BSC network information.
  3. Send BNB to your Metamask wallet. Buy BNB on Binance and send it to your BSC address on Metamask.
  4. Go to and make sure it’s set to V2. Pancakeswap is where you swap your BNB to Vain.
  5. Go to Trade, then select Exchange. This is where you swap your BNB to Vain.
  6. Now select “Select a currency” and paste contract address. This is contract address: 0x6067652fe687aa221b6f86f398af4d0fe9bf45e3.
  7. Adjust slippage to 12%. Click on the settings tab next to “Exchange” and put 12% slippage.
  8. Accept payment in Metamask wallet. Enter the amount BNB you want to buy and swap. Metamask will pop up and accept the payment. Remember to have enough BNB for gas fees!
  9. Make Vain show up in your Metamask wallet. Open your Metamask wallet and scroll down to the bottom. Click on add custom token and paste in our contract address. Click next & add.


Vaintoken Coin is a token made to make planet earth a better and greener place. Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner. Now, you’re probably wondering how a token can make the world a greener place. One simple answer; by planting trees.

Transaction Fee

When someone makes a transaction on Vain, 4% of the transaction will get distributed to ALL Vain Holders proportional to the tokens that they hold. Vain will automatically get added to your wallet. The other 1% goes towards a wallet that is flexible, this can be used for giveaways, directing tax towards a burn wallet thus reducing the circulating supply and much more. Any change will be made with the community. The other 5% will go to the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool (LP). On a weekly basis, 60% of the newly accumulated LP tokens will be removed from the Liquidity pool and a majority of this will be appropriated as proceeds to our chosen charities.

Token Extraction

Vaintoken Coin Of the newly accumulated LP Tokens (the 5% fee) over a one-week cycle, 60% will be removed from the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool: half are BNB, half are Vain. These tokens will then be appropriated to our overarching initiatives in public and transparent wallets, which will be vetted by the community as we go further


Vaintoken (VAIN) Coin Review: It Is Good Or Bad Review 2021