v.systems (VSYS) Coin Review : It Is Good Or Bad Review

v.systems (VSYS) Coin Review : It Is Good Or Bad Review

About v.systems (VSYS)

v.systems (VSYS) is a blockchain infrastructure provider with a focus on database and cloud services. Led by Chief Architect Sunny King, the V Systems blockchain aims to create a secure underlying infrastructure platform for blockchain database through his new innovation – Supernode Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus algorithm. The V Systems blockchain platform can deliver decentralized cloud database technology with high scalability, finality, durability and performance that is practically resistant to 51% attack.

v.systems (VSYS) network can also support efficient and agile development of a vast variety of applications including finance (DeFi), entertainment, social media and many more. The V Systems mainnet and super nodes went live in November last year, and VSYS Coin has been listed on more than top 10 exchanges including Bitfinex, ZB, Huobi since the beginning of 2019. The mainnet currently has 15 super nodes operated by exchanges, wallets and staking communities. More than tens of thousand of VSYS Coin holders have been onboarded to take up the role as minters through coin leasing, contributing to a total staking value of approximately US $345 million and is growing.

v.systems (VSYS) Technology is forever evolving. The birth of the Internet, arguably one of the most revolutionary event in history, took place only around 30 years ago. In a very short span of time, nonetheless, it has evolved so much and moved from giant computers to tiny smart phones in the hands of billions around the globe. The benefits and impact that it brings need no explanation. Other technological areas like Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Supremacy, have also witnessed significant growth over the years. And despite the differences among these technology inventions, all of them have been a target of a wide variety of criticism before reaching massive adoption or earning substantial development resources.

Since Bitcoin was not designed for general data usage, attempting to use the Bitcoin style blockchain for data storage has proven to be difficult and expensive. Bitcoin protocol limited legitimate data usage to the scale of 100 bytes per transaction – although this limit changes over time, the magnitude stays essentially the same. This limitation was deliberately put in place at the creation of Bitcoin, as the accommodation to data usage is a conflicting goal to the system performance. It has been a prolonged battle and drama to raise Bitcoin’s maximum block size limit, by which evidently reflects that inherent scalability limitation of the technology.

v.systems (VSYS) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name v.systems
Short Name VSYS
Circulating SupplyN/A
Taotal Supply4,230,491,464
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A Blockchain Database for Finance Powered by Supernode Proof of Stake

Decentralized Database and Cloud Platforms

V Systems provides customized solutions for businesses and organizations across industries with secure and performant decentralized database and cloud platforms.

Infrastructure For Blockchain and Token Development

We provide development platforms for App developers to instantly create blockchains. The platform has a modular structure that supports multiple consensus algorithms.

Smart Contract Creation

V Systems’ smart contracts provide token solution for everyone to implement a token economy system and kick-start a viable open ecosystem.

Blockchain As A Service

What do –

We created a general purpose blockchain for finance that is responsive to the current needs for complex applications and huge amounts of data.

Global Macro Trends

Blockchain technology is already a proven success. With an increasing demand for blockchain adoption in finance, V Systems aims to aid the blockchain adoption across businesses by tackling the existing technical complexities and operational difficulties faced by individuals and businesses.

Powerful Ecosystem

The V Systems community is connected through our supernodes, exchange and staking partners, internet and finance projects built on the platform allowing them to extract maximum value from the VSYS ecosystem and also contributing to the network in return. The resulting effect is driving accelerating demand for the usage of the blockchain.

First Mover

We have put a primary focus on financial use cases since the mainnet launched, we also strive to meet the market needs by providing them with all the necessary blockchain technology and infrastructure

Euclid Smart Contract 10

V Systems aims to create a development platform that makes building, testing, and deploying smart contracts faster, easier and more secure. Our professional developer team will walk you through your business needs to outline the background and functions of the smart contracts. HIGH FINALITY <4 second settlement time and high throughput. SIMPLE and EFFICIENT We provide multiple smart contract templates for your to help you get started building on V Systems as fast as possible. You can easily create your own token through Euclid in <3 min from your smartphone. SECURE We modularize code and ensure the logic is simple to reduce complexity and uncertainty of smart contracts. In this way, Euclid can minimize the likelihood of errors, and achieve better efficiency and higher throughput

V Cloud Services

Server V-Cloud simplifies and streamlines existing server services to meet the needs of the blockchain development process. You can rent a virtual server (VPS) with your VSYS coins to match your workload in a cost-effective way. Token wallet After setting up a V-Cloud account, users can create your own token wallet with a customized URL. Token explorer V-Cloud provides a tailor made web portal that gives detailed information about your token, such as blocks, addresses, and transactions

V Systems Tool Kit V Systems provides a complete set of infrastructures and tools to kick start your business on blockchain. ● Wallet ● Blockchain explorer ● Decentralized messenger ● Data center and more

V Cloud Marketplace
In the upcoming release, V Cloud will create a new marketplace
where sellers will be the providers for cloud services or any specific
internet services, and buyers will be able to purchase the services
they need.
Key components of V Cloud marketplace include:
● Convenient onboarding for sellers and buyers
● Customized service options
● Multiple payment channels
● Diversified service options and cross-cloud solutions
● Cost-effective cloud services with high performances