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What Is (VSYS)? Complete Guide Review About

What Is (VSYS)? is a blockchain platform that supports an efficient and agile development of decentralized applications. Every V Systems node has a developer and automation friendly Swagger REST API. Using your simple API, developers can deploy any of your smart contracts or prototype client applications with ease.

When using Systems smart contracts in your applications, games and systems, developers do not need to do blockchain development. They’ve built and audited the contracts, and you only need to use them in your product from any of your 5 SDK’s. Developers can focus entirely on their product, instead of worrying about contract security. Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameVSYS
Circulating Supply2.53B VSYS
Total Supply4,466,830,305
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High Speed Development provides developers and entrepreneurs with a versatile and highly customizable blockchain platform which makes the implementation and deployment of decentralized applications simple. Every Systems contract is static. There is exactly one canonical version of it, baked directly into your software. You can think of your smart contracts like re-usable templates, a little bit like the standard contracts on other blockchains, but much easier to deploy and much more secure because you’re setting variable, not writing code.

Smart Contracts on Systems offer composable, re-usable primitives for developers to work from. You’ll never need to write and upload code to Systems like you’d need to do if you were using blockchains with contract supported.

Blockchain Database

Decentralized and scalable blockchain with database capabilities, highly usable for decentralized application development. Asset locking is a useful feature in blockchain systems. lock contract is a tool to lock funds for user-defined periods of time before they can be retrieve. A contract that implements traditional order book method of handling trades, allowing users to place orders against the smart contract which can only be filled at the order’s set price. V Escrow is a contract for a non-custody payment solution, together with V Payment Channel, it can offer a decentralized solution for a large amount of transaction requirement businesses.

Development Platform

They provide customized solutions for businesses and organizations across industries with secure and performant blockchain platform. If you need a feature or contract for your product and you can’t create it with your existing Smart Contract primitives, please Tell about  it. A love to learn your needs, because others probably have the same needs. They created your payment channels because Tachyon  needed more, faster and cheaper transactions than they could do on V Systems Mainnet, and now other projects will use them, too.

User-Friendly with High Scalability

The Super node Proof-of-Stake (SPoS) is an economically stable and helps secure above 51% of attacks. xLumi provides a second layer solution to the blockchain scalability issue, which enables efficient micro payments between parties at a very low cost. Instead of implementing punishment channels, xLumi ensures the correct state of the payment channel by using smart contracts and a set of mathematical rules. This helps reduce the complexity of payment channels, as well as the number of interactions and storage of keys required in each transaction.

Developing on VSYS Blockchain is designed for real world use cases and has a set of composable “no code” smart contract templates that cover the vast majority of real-world smart contract use cases without any need for security audits. xLumi provides a second layer solution to the blockchain scalability issue, which enables efficient enables micro payments between parties.

Scalable Low Cost Transactions

Deploying smart contracts should be low-cost and effective. VSYS Smart Contracts are 1/10th of what they cost on Ethereum. Payment channels can now allow users to send small amounts of payments or make high-frequency transactions with reasonable transaction fees. xLumi doesn’t require users store a new secret for every off-chain transaction made and reduces number of protocols that can go wrong.

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