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What Is Utopia (TOPIA)? Complete Guide Review About Utopia.

What Is Utopia (TOPIA)?

Utopia originates from the Greek word ou-topos, which essentially means an ideal world. Utopia strives to get close to achieving a perfect world with the empowerment and support of your community. They seek to solve real-world problems through your charity donations / crowdfunding and solve problems within the cryptocurrency space through your utilities. There is built on the Binance Smart Chain to utilize the lower gas fees and ease of transaction offered by the blockchain network.

At the moment, they are continuously iterating on your plan to create the best decentralized cryptocurrency project with the best tools on BSC. So, over time, there may be changes to various sections of this white paper as new ideas come to fruition or they discover better implementation methods. However, there will be no logical changes to the model, distribution, and supply of Utopia tokens.

Utopia Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameUtopia
Short NameTOPIA
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Utopia Decentralized Exchange

Due to the growth of the Binance Smart Chain, they have seen an increase in the number of new projects trading on BSC decentralized exchanges. The top existing decentralized exchanges offer a fundamental swapping function. However, they do not include any trading tools or features that investors are used to in the centralized exchanges. That is why the exchange will have all the extensive tools required for decentralized cryptocurrency trading.

Utopia platform will include next-gen charting, limit orders, and stop-loss orders the end goal is to produce a decentralized exchange that works better than the top centralized exchanges. Eventually they intend to have your own liquidity pools that will be directly linked to your launchpad, allowing easy token launches. Additionally, your aim is to expand your exchange to other blockchains and become a multi chain.

Utopia Launchpad

Before new projects enter the decentralized exchange space, they often launch on a decentralized platform. These launchpads provide the tools for new cryptocurrency tokens to sell tokens through a presale. However, existing launchpads have high fees and offer no preventive measures from people sniping the presale early / bots filling the presale early. Utopia Utopia launchpad will charge minimal fees, have anti-bot features, and will be standard. On top of this, they will have an additional feature the ability for tokens to do a whitelist presale. The whitelist will be fully automated and will have anti-bot features to avoid bots submitting multiple times.

Crowdfunding Utility

Further down on your roadmap, they will create a decentralized charity crowdfunding utility. In this space, people will be able to use trustless smart contracts to fund charitable acts. In addition, the platform will hold users accountable for following through on their projects once successfully funded. There will be more details to come as they figure out the inner workings of the crowdfunding utility.

BTC Utopia Bridge

In order to further lower the barrier of entry to buy your token and to bring further utility to the platform, they will build a decentralized bridge in between BTC and Utopia. This bridge will allow users to go fluidly in between the two different blockchains. Eventually they intend to expand this bridge across to other blockchains and become a decentralized bridge across multiple blockchain networks. As they are aware that decentralized bridges are very prone to being hacked, they will ensure that it is an extremely secure platform.

DeFi Lending

Utopia DeFi lending platform will allow users to become lenders and borrowers in a permission less way using trust less smart contracts, while maintaining full custody of their crypto assets. This platform will also allow for DeFi margin trading and will enable the introduction of a leverage trading tool to your exchange. Unlike existing lending platforms such as Compound and AAVE, they will allow users to create isolated markets enabling the creation of many lending pairs that do not affect other markets.

Utopia Crypto Hub

Utopia vision is to create a HUB within BSC for users to seamlessly buy and sell tokens with all the required trading tools and eventually become the number one decentralized exchange on BSC. Also, they want to build a fair way through which developers can launch their projects. Through your charity work, they intend to create a real impact in the world. Anytime someone thinks about trading in BSC, they will think of Utopia.

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