What Is Usdx? (USDX) Complete Guide Review About Usdx.

What Is Usdx? (USDX) Complete Guide Review About Usdx.

What Is Usdx?

Usdx Lighthouse Blockchain Technology GmbH is a company made up of entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts united in their aim of boosting innovation in the digital economy. They possess extensive experience in implementing complex, tech-savvy solutions. The team consists of professionals in finance, project management, software development research, design, and marketing.

Usdx Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameUsdx
Short NameUSDX
Circulating Supply3,772,660.65 USDX
Total Supply3,772,661
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Difficult wallet addresses

Usdx Coin long and complicated wallet addresses are subject to mistakes and typos

Problems with private keys

Storing and entering private keys cause too much hassle

Wild, wild volatility

Extreme unpredictability of cryptocurrencies hinders their real-world adoption.

Intolerance towards small transactions

Small casual transactions are impractical due to excessive fees

Awkward prices

Prices designated in cryptocurrencies are deceptive

Low transaction speed

Usdx Transaction speeds for many cryptos can’t keep up with the fast pace of modern life


USDX Wallet Is a Seamless and Secure Way to Pay with Lightning-Fast, No-Fee Transactions

Friendly app, friendly usernames

The slick and simple mobile app lets anyone set up an account with an easy-to-remember username

Multi-level security

The User data are encrypted and stored securely; all transactions are verified with two-factor authentication; the app is protected with a PIN code

Effortless peer-to-peer payments

Usdx Coin can send funds to your friend in seconds using his/her name, mobile phone number or QR code

Stable currency

Volatility brought under control with – a stable cryptocurrency pegged the much-used US dollar.

No fees

Usdx No-fee transactions in favor small casual payments; it favors any payments after all

Instant transactions

The Wallet blockchain can process 100,000 transactions per second, which is the speed of Visa and MasterCard combined

USDX Stablecoin

Usdx Coin is a price-stable token pegged to the US dollar at a 1:1 ratio via a smart contract. Simply put, 1 USDX = 1 USD. Each token is collateralized with at least 200% worth of the core LHT cryptocurrency. A smart contract controls token supply. Due to its stability, is useful as a means of payment, exchange and savings. Unlike cash, it can’t be lost, stolen or damaged


The Wallet will disrupt the way they pay and the fees we pay for transactions. No matter where you are.


Experience quick, intuitive payments. Enter a name or a phone number and see your transaction processed in a moment.

Secure and Fee-free

Send funds to your friends and family without any commissions. Feel safe with multiple layers of security.


Usdx believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will continue to play a critical role in the future. They will make us less dependent on governments and banks and will give us more control over the finances. In fact, cryptocurrencies have already made transactions faster, safer, and less costly. Even so, there is still a great deal of work to be done. To that end, they have dedicated the expertise to the development of an efficient and trusted payment solution. The key priorities are mitigating volatility, providing quick transactions, and meeting users’ needs.

They want to reinvent money and make payments as easy as sending a text message. The motto is “Instant payments without banks, borders, or fees.” They will operate responsibly in accordance with all applicable laws and are eager to build relationships with financial institutions and local governments. Therefore, they are always open to discussions and collaborations. For any business or partnership inquiries, please email us at

LHT Coin

Usdx Coin is a core cryptocurrency and collateral for the token. LHT has a finite supply of 1 billion coins. The coin is based on the exclusive Lighthouse Blockchain. This blockchain is built using tried-and-tested BitShares protocol but operates independently. LHT can be quickly and with no fees exchanged to stablecoin via Wallet app. The interconnection between LHT and USDX entails that LHT demand and price rise when the cryptocurrency market goes down.