What Is Uquidcoin.com? (KIN) Complete Guide Review About Uquidcoin.com

What Is Uquidcoin.com? (UQC) Complete Guide Review About Uquidcoin.com

What Is Uquidcoin.com?

Uquidcoin.com is aiming to establish a bridge between DeFi and e-commerce through Defito, a new ecosystem featuring concepts that haven’t been seen in the retail sector before. Shopping mining means that new tokens or coins are generated every time a customer buys an item and smart contracts are used to ensure that these assets can be put toward other purchases in the future. The process is automatic and immediate, delivering much-needed enhancements that eliminate some of the flaws associated with loyalty schemes right now.

There are also features inspired by automated market makers, the smart contracts that create liquidity pools of tokens. In this ecosystem, automated shopping making brings together pools of goods created by many suppliers. Customers can then connect directly to this pool and track the quantity of products available and their price, allowing them to get a better deal on items that they wish to purchase.

Uquidcoin Coin In time, it is hoped that these smart contracts will allow merchants and shoppers to connect without an intermediary — reducing costs for everyone. Uquid believes that DeFi can help e-commerce businesses grow quickly and reach a broader cross-section of customers around the world. The company is also confident that its approach could transform global trade.

Uquidcoin.com Storage Key Points

Coin NameUquidcoin.com
Short NameUQC
Circulating Supply10,000,000.00 UQC
Total Supply40,000,000
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Staking involves holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support a blockchain network’s security and operations.


With the Uquid DeFi margin, Users can create leveraged margin positions and earn interest through decentralized lending pools.


Uquidcoin.com with Uquid DeFi saving features is a no-loss, users get high-interest savings to account for alternative with no lock-up period.


Uquid DeFi swap allows you to interchange your token with other tokens.


Uquidcoin Coin DeFi Lending Platform Enables No-Collateral Loans With New Feature.


Uquid DeFi Borrow allows you to lock your tokens as collateral.


  • Countries Available:
  • El Salvador – Guatemala – Haiti – Honduras – India – Indonesia – Nigeria – South Africa – Trinidad and Tobago
  • Countries Available:
  • Indonesia
  • Countries Available:
  • El Salvador – Guatemala – Indonesia
  • Countries Available:
  • Cuba
  • Countries Available:
  • Guatemala – Philippines
PIN- Less Call
  • Countries Available:
  • United States
  • Countries Available:
  • Nicaragua
  • Countries Available:
  • Dominican Republic – Guatemala – India – Philippines
Wifi Recharge
  • Countries Available:
  • Cuba

Eco System

Uquidcoin.com Adhering to its philosophy “All-In-One Solutions”, UQUID team will deliver the next generation of Platform: Eco System offering Revolutionary features. Customers using this platform will be able to instantly convert their digital wealth. They will be able to store their coins, trade and /or exchange Bitcoin or Altcoins directly on the crypto station. Eventually, at their convenience, it would be possible to cash cryptocurrency at any ATM World Wide via the UQUID Visa Card. Also, the UQUID Shopping System will allow for direct Bitcoin or Altcoins for e-commerce purchases.

FAQ Of Uquidcoin.com

1. What is uquid coin?

Uquid coin (UQC) is a decentralised virtual currency based on the ERC20 – token; one of the Ethereum developed Technological Trends. The goal of this blockchain asset is to supplement the development of UQUID Ecosystem. In this virtual revolution, coin holders will have the benefit of instantly and effortlessly cash out their coins.

2. What is uquid “ecosystem” ?

Uquid ecosystem is combined by uquid card uquid multiple coin wallet uquid coins exchange platform equid social coin management fund uquid coins shopping system” and uquid bank” . This is all-in-one solution that helps cryptocurrency holders with just only single account still directly connects with the shopping world

3. What is benefits of using UQC ?

– Save 0.4% withdraw fee in all uquid platform
– Secure with Ethereum technology
– High liquidity is guaranteed by uquid card and the services provided in the ecosystem

4. What relationship between UQC and Uquid card ?

Uquidcoin Coin UQC is independent with uquid card service. The main purpose of UQC is supporting for UQ ecosystem.