UpToken Ico Review

UpToken Ico Review – A crypto ATM on every corner, worldwide.

About UpToken

As a fully vertically integrated company, UpToken offers a seamless user experience to your customers. This technology manage all aspects of the operation including kiosk hardware and software, state and federal licensing, regulatory compliance, real estate acquisition, cash logistics, and customer service. This gives Coinme the flexibility to provide your customers with an instant, on-the-spot fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat experience. ATMs eliminate the uncertainty, the technical difficulty, and the lengthy waiting period that online exchanges frequently impose on users. Today, Coinme’s crypto ATMs provide customers with an effortless financial transaction experience that eliminates the barriers to crypto-adoption for non-technical users.

UpToken long-term vision includes bringing modern access to financial services to the billions of people who don’t have access to traditional banking services. Coinme and the crypto community believe that providing globally ubiquitous access to crypto ATMs has the potential to transform the world. From the developed to developing countries, Coinme firmly believes in and espouses its tenet: “In a crypto world, all communities can rise UP.” In order to accelerate Coinme’s vision of providing ubiquitous access to crypto ATMs, a company would like to introduce a new crypto-asset, “UpToken.” The purpose of this whitepaper is to discuss how UpToken’s architecture plays an integral role in building a global network of crypto ATMs.

UpToken Key Information

Token NameUpToken
Soft cap500,000 USD
Hard cap100,000,000 USD
Distributed in ICO80%
Tokens for sale10,000,000,000
Token SymbolUP
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO0.1000 USD
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The Game Change Team Behind UpToken

UpToken Ico Review - A crypto ATM on every corner, worldwide.

Crypto ATM Market

The amount of cryptocurrency in the markets today currently exceeds $100 billion in value. While crypto ATMs offer the simplest and most direct portal for consumers who want to instantly buy and sell cryptocurrencies, there are less than 1,600 crypto ATMs deployed worldwide today. Based on these figures and given the need for geographic accessibility, Coinme believes that there is considerable potential for the increased ability to use crypto ATMs across the globe. Furthermore, when compared to the over 3 million traditional ATMs currently deployed worldwide, Coinme sees the appetite for and usefulness of the new technology embedded in the newly invented UpToken for crypto ATMs as significant and timely.

The Product

Coinme believes the widespread international growth of crypto ATMs is a significant step towards providing a portal between government-issued fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, enabling global access to innovation within the financial sector. In synch with this goal, UpToken are launching a new crypto-asset, “UpToken” (symbol: UP).

Worldwide Access to Cryptocurrencies

A global network of crypto ATMs can significantly help spread the adoption of cryptocurrencies because the ATMs can provide easy access to secure, physical portals for buying, selling, and transmitting cryptocurrencies. UpToken believe that global crypto ATMs could also pave the way for unbanked and underbanked consumers to access financial services in fragile economies and emerging markets.

Similar to how developing counties leapfrogged landline technology with cellphone towers and smartphones, Coinme believes underserved financial segments in developing countries have the potential to leapfrog the absence of traditional banking institutions by choosing to use a crypto ATM and digital wallet as the gateway to participate in financial transactions.

How UpToken Fits with the Customer-Focused Mission of Coinme and Its Crypto ATMs

UpToken customers have high standards, and Coinme wishes to meet the expectations of its customer base. To that end, Coinme plans to continue to acquire new hardware, develop software to support new cryptocurrencies, integrate additional payment methods, and maintain the infrastructure, operational management, regulatory compliance, state and federal licensing, and other business-related activities that Coinme’s customers have come to expect. Coinme plans to have a broader network of Crypto ATMs located across the United States, with international deployments planned to begin in the middle of 2018 or later.

Although Coinme may also enter other lines of business, its current focus is Crypto ATMs and its customers. The UpToken is a natural outgrowth of the customer-focused mission. As one more way to make a Crypto ATM useful to customers, and as part of Coinme’s recent and planned
expansion of its suite of products and services, UpToken sees its new UpToken product as a potentially attractive fit for its ATM users. Coinme also intends to expand its product offerings. In the coming months, Coinme plans to add cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin to sell and purchase from its crypto ATMs, as well as add additional payment methods.

Coinme Plans to Hold UpToken

Coinme does not intend to sell any of its UpToken in the Coinme UpToken Vault until it has deployed at least 500 crypto ATMs. At that point, Coinme anticipates that its expanded customer base may wish for more UpToken to be made available. During any one month, Coinme will not sell UpToken worth more than 20% of the UpToken distributed as loyalty rewards by the network in the previous calendar month. To illustrate, if Coinme’s ATMs distribute the equivalent of USD $1M worth of UpToken as rewards to ATM customers in January, in February, Coinme will sell no more than the equivalent of USD $200k (20% of $1M) worth of UpToken.

Technical Design: Simple & Secure

UpToken is an Ethereum token following the ERC20 protocol. They will take a conservative design approach in order to minimize the attack surface that complicated smart contracts present to hackers around the world. Furthermore, chose not to use an advanced contract token architecture to minimize the number of ways the token and token-holders can be attacked. Coinme plans to ensure that, as customer preferences evolve, your cryptocurrency offerings will evolve as well.