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What Is Unvaxxed Sperm (NUBTC)? Complete Guide Review About Unvaxxed Sperm.

What Is Unvaxxed Sperm (NUBTC)?

In the absence of a life-threatening emergency or fully informed consent, nobody ever has the right to make long-term or permanent alterations to your body. Unvaxxed Sperm government agencies and media platforms have been infiltrated and captured by Big Pharma. The long-term consequences of these coerced experimental injections and of their broader escalating agenda are unknown, and they are here to ensure a future for humanity. The movements behind Game stop and AMC and the rise of two dog meme tokens to over a $40 billion market cap were practice rounds in preparation for Sperm.

If they do not have the right to your own bodies and to an open future, they have nothing. They are spreading the forbidden memes and conversations, and rallying to a multi-billion dollar market cap to make an unstoppable statement for bodily autonomy, provide escape routes from the Big Pharma-induced mass formation, and build an alternate economy and infrastructure of the Free. Individual freedom, critical thinking, and love, will prevail over collectivist indoctrination, shame, and fear.

Unvaxxed Sperm Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameUnvaxxed Sperm
Short NameNUBTC
Circulating Supply1,000.00B NUBTC
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
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Medical experiment

Its growth reflects sentiment that can’t be seen in polls and a climate of a “chilling effect” where data is manipulated and free speech are censored, where people can lose their jobs and be smothered in shame for even asking any questions about the medical experiment and it’s mandates. The mainstream media will begin to nervously track your rising market cap as an indicator of the proportion of people that are awake, and not fallen into the mass formation.

Unvaxxed Sperm have the most provocative, meaningful, and funny memes in the entire crypto world. With your frowned-upon characteristics of curiosity, critical thinking, passion, and caring about freedom and the truth, Unvaxxed Sperm are spreading the forbidden memes, conversations, and health resources. With your ever-growing network and impact ful memes, they will wake up ever-increasing numbers of people from the mass formation trance, and prevent a full global dystopian takeover.

Scientific Research

Unvaxxed Sperm are building an immutable ledger on the blockchain of critical information, including whistle blower leaks, published research and banned videos from your heroic front-line physicians, PhD. researchers, lawyers, and others who are not beholden to the pharmaceutical narrative. This will provide a safe place to send information, and ensure that these extremely important resources will never be silenced or lost.

Men hold tokens to have a profile on your dating app for people who care about freedom and do not discriminate against others based on ‘vaccine status’. Business owners, AirBNB hosts, and others can hold tokens to be featured on your interactive GIS maps highlighting non-discriminatory businesses that are safe and friendly for the un-injected. Unvaxxed Sperm maps can also feature safe places, geocaching quests to earn nuBTC, and other opportunities.

Hedge against medical tyranny and engineered collapse of the economy

As things continue to get worse with dystopian measures like coerced and forced medical experiments and a “chilling effect” making doctors, scientists, journalists, parents, and others feel increasingly scared to speak up, lock downs, inflation, and fear increase, causing a downward spiral for the economy, now even including mainstream cryptocurrency. Unvaxxed Sperm passion and sentiment behind your movement of freedom and truth, and the incentive to find shelter from the storm and invest in your alternate economy of the free will only continue to rise, regardless of which way the rest of the economy and cryptocurrency market is going.

Spirit of Freedom and Truth

While infiltrating our governments and media, Big Pharma is inducing a mass formation trance across much of the population- they are manipulating the anxiety, fear, and loneliness of the people, which they themselves largely created, and directing it towards COVID-19 and now, those who do not comply with the agenda- “the Unvaccinated”. Unvaxxed Sperm meaningful and provocative memes and helpful uncensored resources will reach the billions of people out there who are not in the mass formation. Your growing presence and token is like a life raft to the free reality and and free economy outside of the mass formation.

Alternate Economy and Infrastructure of the Free

Unvaxxed Sperm people can’t go to their jobs or enter businesses anymore without submitting to a medical experiment that they don’t want, then need to raise capital to safely transition and to build your alternate economies. Having your own local sovereign infrastructures and resources becomes more urgent than ever since the industrial revolution.

Unvaxxed Sperm is an emergency, and people need to mobilize skills, alliances, and capital to be able to take care of their families at home- to ensure access to clean water, food, trade, defense, and all the fundamental needs. The growing value of individuals’ nuBTC holdings and of the Development / Defense/Freedom Infrastructure Vault will help enable this transition, and your network will help bring people together and form alliances.

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