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What Is Unity Network (UNT)? Complete Guide Review About Unity Network.

What Is Unity Network (UNT)?

There will guide you through Unity Network’s company culture and values. They want you to do your own research. May suggest that you read through the whitepaper carefully while you sip your “Welcome Coffee”. Unity Network is a next-generation fin tech company. They leverage blockchain technology to build fast, easy-to-use decentralized applications (dApps).But are just another fintech company creating websites and dApps? They aren’t. UNT offer access to your dAppsin return for a fee and aims to developing negative and scalable approaches to solving any use case.

Unity Network Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameUnity Network
Short NameUNT
Circulating Supply7,943,000.00 UNT
Total Supply9,983,000
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Unity Network – bringing DeFi to the people

Unity Network empowers users of all,backgrounds, and levels of technical ability to take advantage of this new generation of financial technology through education, strategic partnerships,and a design philosophy that revolves around ease-of-use, clarity, and a topnotch user experience. As blockchain technology rapidly becomes more integrated with your financial lives, they believe no one should be left behind.


When a dApp is voted into the development process by UNT management team, investors and staff, Unity’s dedicated in-house developers, writers, and designers will bring it to life. The possibilities for development are endless; if it can be dreamed, Network can make it a reality—after the idea is thoroughly vetted for feasibility, cost, and marketability to ensure the project uses its resources wisely, that is.

Revenue Generation

All applications developed by Network will be powered by the UNT utility token, and a small portion of all UNT used in UNT dApps will be funneled back to UNTto be spent on development, administration, team salaries, and research. This “tax” allows UNT to grow over time, speeding development and increasing the range of possibilities Unity can offer to its community of investors and users.

Design Philosophy

Quality-of-life issues such as ineffective UX, UI, user education, and visual design hold back many De-Fi projects from achieving mainstream adoption. UNT holds these user-focused design elements in high regard and recognizes that giving users a world-class experience is a big part of bringing De-Fi into a new era of mass adoption.

Following this design philosophy will ensure all applications developed by UNT not only provide a great experience for the user, but that they leave UNT community more knowledgeable than they were before. All applications developed by Unity Network will be designed with the user foremost in mind. This means that each dApp and will be:
● Easy to use
● Immanently understandable
● Educational
● Visually pleasing

Unity Network Token

The UNT token is an ERC-20 utility token running on the Ethereum network. UNT chose to use the Ethereum network because it is the most standardized and widely-used smart contract platform, and so holds the greatest possibilities for adoption and compatibility is shared between all Network dApps, and every application developed by Unity increases the use cases of UNT,driving up the token’s value for investors.

User safety is paramount in the burgeoning world of De-Fi, and Unity Network takes the stewardship of its users’ funds seriously. To this end, Unity Network has strict policies that will ensure the safety of the UNT token, the happiness of the staff and security for your partners.

dApp Auditing

UNT has partnered with Hacken Cyber Security Services to have every application the team develops thoroughly audited. Hacken is a leading security consulting company with an excellent track record in safety and a focus on blockchain security. No dApp will go public without first going through Hacken.

Hiring New Employees

UNT hiring process is build to ensure the safety of your partners, current team and to ensure your new employees and team members gets introduced to the team, their new workspace and the company culture. Network also ensures that every new employee are properly background checked and has signed all the needed employee paperwork.

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