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What Is UNIREALCHAIN (UNR) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About UNIREALCHAIN

What Is UNIREALCHAIN (UNR) Coin Review ?

UNIREALCHAIN Buy and sell Real Estate on a decentralized proprietary NFT marketplace. Get access to full data of properties and monitor new offers. At UnirealPortal, users can read through the project‘s documentation like information, location, status and cash flows. By collecting information from the traditional real estate marketplaces, will analyze and provide real estate investment recommendations for each area.

UNIREALCHAIN data collection and analysis are updated hourly, so users enjoy almost real time data. During the first 2 years, while Unirealchain focusses on improving the collection of real estate data, users can use the services completely free of charge. Then, once all the data collection is completed and the connection to the government real estate portal will be completed as well, Unirealchain will consider the implementation of user fees.

UNIREALCHAIN (UNR) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameUNR
Circulating Supply882,380,420.00 UNR
Max Supply10,000,000,000
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UNIREALCHAIN has provided a solution that responds to the needs of modern, borderless real estate investing on a global scale.

Asset digitization

UNIREALCHAIN Each project will issue a number of token corresponding to the property value. Investors will be able to buy as many NFTs as they prefer, each corresponding to an individual shares of the underlying property.

Fractionalizing to invest

UNIREALCHAIN Retail investors will have easy access to high-value properties thanks to the blockchain.


UNIREALCHAIN Tokenization is the new frontier of crowdfunding, where in a transparent way, everyone can hold a digitized portion of projects or properties.

Instant transactions

UNIREALCHAIN All purchases and transactions will be completed instantly on the Unirealchain platform.

Lower Fees

UNIREALCHAIN Sellers and purchasers will have lower listing fees, connection fees and other costs thanks to a blockchain-based platform that will readily connect people with properties all over the world.

Digital Signature

UNIREALCHAIN The use of digital signatures supplied by Unirealchain will enable contracts between seller and buyer, or an asset owner and Unirealchain, to be implemented swiftly, safely, and lawfully.


  • Provide potential investment opportunities for investors
  • Every NFT sale of properties or projects will be executed through smart contracts
  • For the listing of a project on UnirealEx exchange, there will be a thorough due diligence to check if the project is compliant with its local laws and matches the standards of UnirealEx
  • Trading platform with multiple pairs: BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, UNR/USDT, and more project NFTs with other cryptocurrency pairs


  • Peer-to-peer trading
  • Buy and sell on decentralized UnirealWallet
  • Transparency and track records for all NFTs
  • Legal and safe marketplace. All NFTs will represent just UnirealEx accepted properties


  • Decentralized Management
  • Integrated with all major coins and blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20, BEP20, SOL, DOT, TRC-20
  • Payment at Unirealchain’s transaction points

How It Work

Before being listed on the Unirealchain platform, all projects have been carefully evaluated by Unirealchain’s team of experts. After that, the project owners will sign a contract to digitize and then list the project on UnirealEx. In the next step, investors go through the following steps to invest in the real estate NFTs:

  • Deposit UNR to UnirealEx platform
  • Choose an NFT project that has been selected by Unirealchain team
  • Select the number of NFTs that you want to buy
  • Investors will receive dividends, or project profits when they lock their NFTs on the Unireal platform. Profits are paid automatically

In case of equity refund, investors can unlock their project token and trade on transaction.

Profits will be maximized based on 2 sources: NFT value increase and property value increase.