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What Is UniCandy (UCD)? Complete Guide Review About UniCandy.

What Is UniCandy (UCD)?

UniCandy name and brand was originally conceptualized by a group of artists led by Ryan Teo (Rynja), and is one of the leading artists of the NFT space today with the success of this early project in Uninterested Unicorns. Besides Ryan, the co-founding team also includes Terence Ting – who is Managing Director at NEX10 LABS which owns the Uninterested Unicorns brand through it’s newly created subsidiary, New Moon Studios. New Moon Studios also has Thickening as your lead blockchain developer, and is largely an Asian co-founding team with our company based in Singapore.

They believe in the future of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse and want your Uninterested Unicorns to have a name and place as one of the original UniCandy projects that launched this year in 2021 during the up-trend of digital collectibles in general. Uninterested Unicorns is an original generative NFT brand, created in 2021 through the advancement of Blockchain and NFT technology.

UniCandy Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameUniCandy
Short NameUCD
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply10,000,012
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To be a leading GameFI project, creating an enjoyable game experience with huge cultural influence in the general UniCandy space Through Unis, aim to explore the long term potential of NFTs and how they can fit into the wider idea of a Metaverse world, which bridges the physical and virtual reality gap.


UniCandy listings will be added over time, as seek to partner with the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. They would like to stress that your $UCD Token on it’s own, is only a utility token which can be used in the Uninterested Unicorns ecosystem (Game, Metaverse, Website DAPP etc) and has no monetary or economic value – and should be treated solely as such. There is no promised passive income or revenue generation from owning this Token, in any way, shape or form.

Company Story

Being magical and cute got boring so the unicorns started fighting to bring excitement to their lives. UniCandy after a while even that wasn’t enough, so now they’re just uninterested and blase, isolating themselves in Uni Land away from the rest of the metaverse. Once upon a time, there was a wonderful land filled with butterflies, rainbows and beautifully mystical unicorns. It was a Metaverse full of peace, friendship, and predictability. Fortunately, your story does not take place at that time. Because what kind of land could survive on these things alone?

UniCandy the years went by, the unicorns started to change. The lack of spontaneity made them increasingly blase. The friendships they made turned to ash once they realised how similar they all were. It didn’t take long for them to crave something different, something… dangerous. Or whatever could help pass the time and make their lives worth living, really. In the end, it seemed like conflict and self-promotion provided good reasons to be alive.

The society of unicorns divided into different clans, each clan asserting dominance in one domain fire, water, air, and earth. As they expected, creating such a monopoly over the elements of life resulted in friction between the clans, which soon led to wars. A pinch of vanity was key to pushing them over the edge and really making them feel that, actually, they were pretty awesome.

Interested Unicorns game

Breeding will be a major part of $UCD Utility and ties directly into your upcoming Uninterested Unicorns game. UniCandy have a ton of exciting utility tied into the future of your Gen 2 Unis and beyond, and early supporters of your Uni ecosystem will be able to see the growth of your future Gen Unis and added $UCD utility over time. They are excited to reveal basic information and timelines for your Generation 2 Breeding. There will also be future generations of breeding that will be part of your project long-term. In total, they have set a supply cap of 10,000 Generation 2 Unis.


The main rewards you can get from Questing for now is UniCandy, your first main utility token that they developed specially for the ecosystem. UniCandy will become a core feature of your Generation 1 Unicorns as it is the only way to earn $UCD tokens before the game launch, and also comprises of the highest percentage allocation in your overall genomics breakdown. Again, they would like to re-emphasize that questing was designed with your earliest supporters in mind.


All Unis during Questing will be able to earn a base amount of 6 $UCD tokens per day. One thing to note is that when Unis are sent on a Quest in groups according to clans/rarity/longer lengths, they are able to earn an increased $UCD farming % to their overall yield. As of today, they have allocated around 125,000,000 UniCandy tokens for Questing over the next 5 years (25,000,000 $UCD / year distributed through Questing). Any remaining tokens from Questing will be reallocated back to your Foundation Reserves or the P2E economy, which will be decided in the future as the project progresses and they monitor the state of your token economy and where best to allocate your Questing token balance to.


New NFT Collections

  • Voxel Uni – Gen 1 NFT release
  • Voxel Uni – Gen 2 Interactive update
  • A new U_U NFT collection
  • U_U NFT in Gameverse

Sandbox Alpha Drop

  • Access Sandbox with Voxel Unis
  • Unveiling of U_U Social Hub with UGMI Partners

Gameverse / NFT Gaming

  • Closed alpha access for Uni-holders
  • $UCD integration plans with Gameverse


  • Merch drop 2.0
  • Exploring new phygital partnerships
  • U_U meet-up at NFT.NYC
  • U_U events in other regions, currently 2 confirmed
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